Degree Project in Technology and Health, Second Cycle

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Welcome to the HL207X exjobb in Technology & Health course website!

This information relates to the exam thesis course in Technology & Health. General information is shared with course HL205X in Medical Engineering, details and deadlines for which can be found here. However, some details are specific only to that course, so make sure you check the course plan for HL207X and contact us if in doubt.

The deadline for applying to the HL207X is 15th August or 15th December each year, for the autumn and spring terms, respectively By this date you need to have your project proposal approved by us. You will also need to send a "studieintyg" of all the courses you have passed to date. Send both these items as early as possible to the email below.

If you are looking for a project idea, you can try contacting one or more of the professors or associate professors in our department to see if they have a suitable project. It is advisable to do this early.  

Please send all enquiries regarding this master's thesis course, HL207X "Degree Project in Technology & Health" to Maksims Kornevs:


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