Distributed Systems, Basic Course

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The course covers fundamental models for distributed systems, inter process communication and how to handle synchronization, consistency, replication, fault tolerance and security in a distributed system. The course consist of a series of lectures and practical homework assignments to be presented and demonstrated at seminars. The assignments will be programming tasks that exemplify problem statements examined in the course.

You register by signing the registration list during the first two weeks of the course. Things that could mean that you will not be on the list:

  • if you haven't done course selection arrange for doing so, talk to your study coordinator
  • make sure that you have done semester registration (terminsregistrering)
  • are you properly registered for the program
  • something else, talk to me

If you're not on the list, you're not in the course! Make sure that you register or you will not be able to follow the course.

Course evaluations

This the the result of the student survey from the 2015 course.

Fall 2016

In fall 2016, the course is given by Vladimir Vlassov. 


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