Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms and Abbreviations useful for IK2554

Acronym or AbbreviationDescriptionSwedish term
2B+D 2 B channels and one D channel (an ISDN line)
30B+D 30 B channels and one D channel (an E1 as ISDN)
3D Three Dimensional
3G Third Generation
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project
3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2
4ESS #4 Electronic Switching System
5ESS #5 Electronic Switching System
AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
AAB Automatic Alternative Billing
ABD Abbreviated dialing
ACB Automatic Callback
ACC Account Card Calling
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACK Acknowledgment
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
ALG Application Level Gateway
AM Ante meridiem (Latin for Before noon)
AN Access Network
ANAT Alternative Network Address Types
ANM Answer message
AOR Address of Record
AP Access Point
API Application Programming Interface


Application app
APS Application Policy Server
ARM Advanced RISC Machine
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
AS Application Server
ATA Analog Telephone Adapter
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATT Attendant
AUTC Authentication
AUTZ Authorization code
AV Audio Visual
AVATS AccessGrid Video and Audio Tools Support
AVH avhandling (Swedish)
AXE Automated Telephone Exchange (a series of exchanges)
B2BUA Back-to-Back User Agent
BCAST Broadcast
BCP Best Current Practice
BER Bit Error Rate
BFCP Binary Floor Control Protocol
BGCF Breakout Gateway Control Function
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain (DNS server software)
BT Block Type
CA Certificate Authority
CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
CB Citizen Band (radio)
CBC Cipher Block Chaining
CC Country Code
CCBS Completion of calls to busy subscriber
CCC Credit Card Calling
CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
CCNC Consumer Communications and Networking Conference
CCXML Call Control Extensible Markup Language
CCXML4J CCXML Interpreter in Java
CD Call Distribution
CDC Conference on Decision and Control
CDP Cisco Discovery Protocol
CDR Call Detail Record
CELEX Communitatis Europeae Lex (European Union law database)
CELP Codetopic-excited linear predictive
CEST Central European Summer Time
CF Call Forwarding
CFC Call forwarding on busy/don’t answer
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CHA Call hold with announcement
CIO Chief Information Officer
CLF Common Log Format
CLUE ControLling mUltiple streams for tElepresence
CNAME Canonical Name
COC Consultation calling
CODEC Coder/Decoder kodek
COMET SIP Preconditions Met message
CON Conference calling
COPS Common Open Policy Service
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPL Call Processing Language
CPM Customer Profile Management
CPNI Customer Proprietary Network Information
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRD Call Rerouting Distribution
CRG Customized ringing
CS Computer Science
CSI Computer Security Institute
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
CUCS Columbia University Computer Science (Department)
CUG Closed user group
CW Call Waiting
DAA Data Access Arrangement
DB Database
DCON Distributed Conferencing
DCR Destination Call Routing
DCS Distributed Call Signaling
DDDS Dynamic Delegation Discovery System
DDS Delegation Discovery System
DEA (U.S.) Drug Enforcement Administration
DEFSOP Digital Evidence Forensics Standard Operating Procedures
DES Data Encryption Standard
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHCPACK Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Acknowledgment
DMP Device Message Protocol
DNR Diarienummer (Swedish)
DNS Domain Name Server
DOI Digital Object Identifier
DOJ (U.S.) Department of Justice
DOM Document Object Model
DOP Default Outbound Proxy
DS0 Digital Signal 0 (a level in the Digital signaling hierarchy)
DSL digital subscriber line
DTD Document Type Definition
DTMF Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
DUP Destinating User Prompter
E1 2 Mbps time-multiplexed link
E911 Enhanced 911 (emergency service)
EDS Electronic Data Systems Corporation
ENUM E-number
ENUMWG ENUM Working Group
ESP Enhanced Service Provider
ESR Emergency Services Routing
ETNS European Telephony Numbering Space
ETS Emergency Telecommunications Service
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EU European Union
EUDRD EU Data Retention Directive
FAQ Frequently Ask Questions
FAX Facsimile
FBI (U.S.) Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC (U.S.) Federal Communications Commission
FCP Firewall Communication Protocol
FEC Forward Error Correction
FID Flow Identification
FISA (U.S.) Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FLUTE File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport
FMD Follow Me Diversion
FPH Freephone
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
FRA Försvarets Radioanstalt (Swedish for Defense Radio Institute)
FS Feature Server
FXO Foreign eXchange Office
FXS Foreign eXchange Subscriber (FXS)
GAA Generic Authentication Architecture
GAP Call gapping
GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
GDS Global Dialing Scheme
GEOPRIV Geographic Location/Privacy
GLP Gateway Location Protocol
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment
GPL GNU Public License
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GRUU Globally Routable User Agent (UA) URI
GSM Global System for Mobile telecommunications (original name in French: Groupe Spécial Mobile)
GSTN Global Switched Telephone Network
HCI Human-Computer Interface
HERFP Heterogeneous Error Response Forking Problem
HF Human Factors
HIP Host Identity Protocol
HMAC Hashed Message Authentication Code
HNT Hosted Nat Traversal
HSS Home Subscriber Server
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IA Information Appliance
IAA I Am Alive
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IAM Initial Address Message
IANA Internet Assigned Number Authority
IAP Intercept Access Point
IAX Inter-Asterisk eXchange
IAX2 Inter-Asterisk eXchange version 2
IC Integrated Circuit
ICC (IEEE) International Conference on Communications
ICE interactive connectivity establishment
ICE interactive connectivity establishment
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICON International Conference on Networks
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ICW internet call waiting
ID identifier
IDDD International Direct Distance Dialing
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IFF if and only if
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IM IP Multimedia
IMAC Innovative Mobile Applications of Context
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IN Intelligent Networks or IP Networks
INET Internet Society (Conference series)
info information
IOS (Cisco) Internetwork Operating System
IP Internet Protocol
IP IM Presence
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standards Organization
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
ISUP Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) User Part
IT Information Technology
ITAD Internet Telephony Administrative Domain
ITU International Telecommunication Union
IVR Interactive voice response
JAIN Java APIs for Integrated Networks
JB Jitter Buffer
JBA Jitter Buffer Adaptive
JDSU JDS Uniphase Corporation
JSR Java Specification Requests
JVM Java Virtual Machine
KB Knowledge base
KDE K Desktop Environment
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KTH Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
L16 Linear 16 bit (encoding)
L8 Linear 8 bit (encoding)
LA Los Angeles (California)
LAN Local Area Network
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LEA Law Enforcement Administration
LGPL GNU Lesser General Public License
LI Lawful Interception
LIM Call limiter
LOG Call logging
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LRF Location Retrieval Function
LS Location Server
LSI Large Scale Integration
M2M Machine-to-Machine
MAC Medium Access Control (below the link layer) or message authentication code
MAP Mobility Anchor Point or Mobile Application Part
MAS Mass calling
max maximum
MB Megabyte
MCI Malicious Call Identification
MDC Modification Detection Code
MEST Middle European Summer Time
MGCF Media Gateway Control Function
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
MGW Media Gateway
MIB Management Information Base
MIDCOM Middlebox Communications
MIKEY Multimedia Internet KEYing
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
min minimum
MMC Meet Me Conference
MMUSIC Multiparty Multimedia Session Control
MOS Mean Opinion Score
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MS Master's of Science or Marshal Server
ms millisecond
MSCML Media Server Control Markup Language
MSML Media Server Markup Language
MUST Militära Underrättelse- och Säkerhetstjänsten (Swedish for Military Intelligence and Security Service)
MWC Multi Way Calling
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer
NAT Network Address Translator
NB Nota bene (Latin meaning Note well)
NENA National Emergency Number Association
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NJ New Jersey
NOSSDAV Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video
NP Number Portability
NSA (U.S.) National Security Agency
NSIS Next Steps In Signaling
NTP Network Time Protocol
NY New York
OCHA (United Nations) Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OCS Originating Call Screening
ODR Origin Dependent Routing
OK Okay
OMA Open Mobile Alliance
ONC Off Net Calling
ONE One number
OR Oregon
OSP Open Settlement Protocol
OUP Originating User Prompter
PAMS Perceptual Analysis Measurement System
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Personal Computer
PCC Probabilistic Congestion Control
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMU Pulse Coded Modulation mu-law (encoding)
PDA Personal Digital Appliance
PDF Portable Document Format
PESQ Perceptual Evaluation Speech Quality
PIDF Presence Information Data Format
PINT PSTN Internet Internetworking
PLC Packet Loss Concealment
PLS Pronunciation Lexicon Specification
PM Post meridiem (Latin for afternoon)
PN Personal Numbering
PNP Private Numbering Plan
POP Point of Presence
POTS Plain Old Telephony Service
PRACK Reliable ACK
PRIV a private extension to SDES
PRM Premium rate
PRMC Premium charging
PS Provisioning Server
PSAP public safety answering point
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PT Payload Type
PTS Post- och Telestyrelsen (Swedish)
Q3 Network Management Interface (ITU-T)
QCLEP Qualcomm Code Excited Linear Prediction
QR Quick Response (Code)
QSIG Q-Signaling protocol
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RAM Random Access Memory
RAT Robust Audio Tool
RC Report Count
RDF Resource Description Framework
RE regarding
REC recommendation
REVC Reverse charging
RFC Request for Comments
RG Residential Gateway
RIA Rich Internet Application
RIPE Reseaux IP Europeens
RISC Reduce Instruction Set Computer
RMT Reliable Multicast Transport
RR Receiver Report
RS Receives SIP
RSS Rich Site Summary
RST reset
RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol
RTCP Real time Control Protocol
RTCP Real Time Control Protocol
RTP Real Time Protocol
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol
RTT Round Trip Time
RX Receiver
SA Société Anonyme (French for Corporation)
SAP Session Announcement Protocol
SCCP Skinny Client Control Protocol
SCF Selective Call Forwarding
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SDCS Security in Distributed Computing Systems
SDES Source Description
SDK Software Development Kit
SDP Session Description Protocol
SE Sweden
SEC Security screening
SER SIP Express Router
SFS Svensk Författningssamling (Swedish for Swedish Code of Statutes)
SIGAD SIGINT Activity Designator
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SIMPLE SIP Instant Messaging Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIPIT Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Test
SIPPING Session Initiation Protocol Project INvestiGation
SIPREC SIP-Based Media Recording
SIPUA SIP User Agent
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLF Subscription Locator Function
SLP Service Location Protocol
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMS Short Message Service
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SPA Service Provider APIs
spam unsolicited bulk messages
SPIRITS Service in the PSTN/IN Requesting InTernet Service
SPIT Spam over Internet Telephony
SPL Split charging
SPLC Split charging
SR Sender Report
SRGS Speech Recognition Grammar Specification
SRTP Secure Real Time Protocol
SSM SIP Service Manager
SSML Speech Synthesis Markup Language
SSO Single Sign-On
SSRC Synchronization Source
STUN Session Traversal Utilities for NAT
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCS Terminating Call Screening
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
telecom telecommunications
TESLA Timed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication
TFRC TCP-Friendly Rate Control
TFWC TCP-Friendly Window-based Congestion Control
TGREP Telephony Gateway REgistration Protocol
TI Texas Instruments
TIPHON Telecommunications Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks
TLS Transport Layer Security
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TOS Type of Service
TR Technical Report
TRA Call transfer
TRIP Telephony Routing over IP
TS Technical Specification
TTL Time to live
TURN traversal using relay nat
UA User Agent
UAC User Agent Client
UAN Universal Access Number
UAS User Agent Server
UC Unified Communications
UCL University College London
UCS Universal Character Set
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDR User Defined Routing
UK United Kingdom
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Access
UML Universal Modeling Language
UN United Nations
UPT Universal Personal Telecommunication
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
URL Universal Resource Locator webbadress
URN Uniform Resource Name
US United States (of America)
USB Universal Serial Bus
USC United States Code
USR User
UTF UCS Transformation Format
VA Virginia
VAD Voice Activity Detection
VB Visual Basic
VDSL Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line
VER Version
VLAN virtual local area network
VoIP Voice over IP
VOT Televoting
VP Vice Preseident
VPN virtual private network
VQT Voice Quality Tester
VoIP Voice over IP
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAN Wide Area Network
WG Working Group
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
ZRTP (Phil Zimmermann) Z Real-time Transport Protocol

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