2. General information

Lecturer and course responsible

Mats Göthelid, Materialfysik, ICT, Electrum 229 16440 Kista, tel 790 4154, gothelid@ kth.se

Dunja Stoltz, Materialfysik, ICT, 790 4154, dunjap@kth.se



“Introduction to Surfaces, interfaces and thin films”, H. Lüth, Springer Verlag

“Examples in Surface Science” M. Göthelid

"Surface chemistry and low energy electrons" G. Ertl and J. Küppers, VCH

Selected overview papers on specific topics (indicated at each lecture below and handed out during the course) 


Level: Advanced. The course is intended for 4th -5th year students, graduate students in Physics, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Electrical engineering


Course requirements

The course is examined by a home-exam.

Selected topics will be presented by the students in mini-conferences. Presentation and the written “lecture notes” gives bonus points on the exam.

Some of the experimental methods presented in the course will be offered as lab-work.

Grading scale: A-F

Pre-requisits: Solid State Physics (Kittel or equivalent)

Svenskt kursnamn: Ytfysik

Course name english: Surface Physics

Course code: IM2652

Credits: 6

Language: english

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