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January 2015
Scheduling staff created event 14 November 2014
commented 26 January 2015

KD2430 Nuclear Exam

March 2012
February 2012
Teacher Mats Jansson posted 27 February 2012
Teacher Mats Jansson posted 24 February 2012
Teacher Mats Jansson posted 22 February 2012
Teacher Mats Jansson posted 13 February 2012
January 2012
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Mats Jansson created page 22 January 2012

March 2011
Amir Shabanisefidan posted 17 March 2011
Teacher commented 17 March 2011

Problem 12: Who said you need to use everything that is given in the problem? I often give more data than is needed, it's a part of the problem to understand what to use and what not to use.

Problem 11: The exercises are taken from the 'old' Nuclear Chemistry course. The radiation chemistry questions are not included in this course (13 & 16 and half 11), so you don't have to bother about these. The thing you should be able to calculate is the dose rate.

(and to answer your question: First calculate the dose rate, then use the G-value given in problem 16 to obtain the H2O2-concentration. Plug the concentration into the the given equation and you will get the rate of oxidation. And no, oxidation rate is not the same as dose rate)

commented 17 March 2011

Thank you :)

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