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Sustainable Systems for Heat, Power and Materials Production

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Course main content

The course addresses the important concept of simultaneous production of more than one product from the same raw material with the aim of reducing energy use and raw material consumption. The theme of the course is thus process integration and polygeneration. The base for the course is a description and a discussion of a number of existing, commercial production systems and some systems in the development stage. Presentations are made by teachers at KTH and by people from the industry.


 Learning outcomes 2016

 After completion of this course, the students should be able to:

  •  Recognize the principle of process integration for the achievement of higher efficiency both concerning the use of raw material and for reaching a better energy utilisation.
  • Understand and be able to explain why the simultaneous production of several products may be advantageous in many situations but also when it is not relevant.
  • Describe a number of relevant existing processes, commercial or under development.
  • Critically analyse new possibilities for the simultaneous production of several products
  • Evaluate and critically analyse competing possibilities for producing different products by using the same raw material or the production of the same products using different raw materials
  • Analyse and criticise the interaction between technical and economic aspects in the development of process integrated systems
  • Be familiar with some basic evaluation tools for the evaluation of complex process systems relevant for this course (e.g. pinch technology)
  • Be able to perform simple calculations using the methods introduced in the course for process analysis.
  • Plan and gather the technical data required for the carrying out of mass and heat balances describing an actual process idea.
  • Discuss and identify a relevant system boundary for the process analysis