Sustainable Consumption

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The starting point for this course is United Nations’s sustainability development goal nr 12: Responsible consumption and production. This and the other 16 goals will guide the work of UN’s and all the states that signed the agreement, until 2030.  UN has actually decided that Sweden will become a forerunner for goal nr 12!

This course takes a broad look at sustainable consumption, what it is, what the problem is and what to do about it. What is the responsibility of the individual consumer vs society? What can organisations and companies do?

We will start by going through the consumption areas food, shopping, housing, travel and banking. How do they affect the environment and what could a responsible consumption be? The second part will take a bigger perspective looking at behavioural change, values and lifestyles, wellbeing, and encourages you to take action yourself.

The course is structures as an online learning which means that you can take it in your own pace and at times that suit you. Each week there is a new theme with an introduction by main teacher Sara Ilstedt, a text and a lecture by experts such as Staffan Leastadius, Karin Bradley, Erik Stenberg and many more. You will have fun and challenging assignments for each consumption areas and make your own energy descent plan. The course is built on up-to date research and will provide you with good argument and facts for further achievements both privately and professionally.

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