Vehicle Dynamics Project Course Part 2

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This course is a continuation of SD2229

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to let the students apply their knowledge through a project assignment in areas connected to vehicle dynamics. E.g. Developmen, analysis and validation of a new suspension concept, chassis, powertrain etc. The course should give the students great experience of working in a development team similar to industry where the course process should resemble the industry process. This in order for the students to be more prepared for their future work tasks

Course main content

The course will each year have projects for 5-9 students where the project will come from industry and university. Meaning if the course will have 18 students the course will have at least 2 projects. In this project course the following steps will be done in each project:

- Development

- Test and validation

- "Product" release (final public presentation and demonstration if possible)

2014 years projects to choose from

The projects that are available for you to choose from this year is:

- Research Concept Vehicle, a lot of vehicle dynamic control challenges.

- Rolling resistance for road and rail vehicles, understanding, measuring, etc.

- Formula SAE, with KTH Racing students, suspension design.

- Scaled down train boogie design. (still uncertain if this project will run).

- Volvo V60 new lab vehicle. Steering feel. (still uncertain if this project will run).


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