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Fibre Composites - Analysis and Design

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This course deals with the mechanics of fibre composite materials. The focus is on how to analyse and design with multi-layered composite laminates, how to predict stiffness and strength, to explain special features of this group of materials and how they can be used to save weight and create new functionalities. The usefulness of the knowledge is exhibited through a number of guest lecture from industry.


The course aims to give the student theoretical and practical knowledge of composite materials. The main part of the course deals with theoretical principles which are then put into practice in a design assignment and a computer exercise.

After the course the student is expected to

  • Explain the mechanical behaviour of anisotropic materials and how they differ from classical construction materials
  • Apply classical lamination theory to analyse the stiffness and strength of composite laminates
  • Design a composite laminate with given requirements
  • Be able to make calculations and estimates on the stiffness and strength of composite plates
  • Be familiar with methods for more advanced tools of composites analysis and design including failure theories and their implementation, the effect of holes and cracks, fatigue, and models for the prediction of compressive failure mechanisms
  • Describe potential problems and ways to analyse composite structures with FEM
  • To formulate and solve a composites design problem and communicate the results in a written report.