Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue

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This course gives a thorough introduction to the essential concepts in fracture mechanics and failure analysis of materials and engineering structures. It combines highly theoretical aspects of fracture with hands on practical issues that you will encounter in the laboratory work. The theory are discussed at lectures and practical problems are exercised during the tutorial sessions. A set of more demanding problems will be handed out to be solved as homework assignments.

The course PM (2017) contains general information about the current course and a detailed plan for the lectures and the tutorials.

Note that:

  • All lectures and tutorials are held in the Seminar room at the Department of Solid Mechanics.
  • The computer workshop is held in the Track room (Room 6248) opposite the Student expedition on the ground floor at the Department of Solid Mechanics.
  • The laboratory exercise is held in the Laboratory of the Department of Solid Mechanics.

Jonas Faleskog


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