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Compressible Flow

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SG2215 Compressible Flow (7.5 ECTS)

The course is given by KTH/SCI/Mechanics and consists of 50 h lectures and 3 experimental labs.



                1.                                     2.                                    3.

  1. Bow shock wave in front of a bluff body
  2. Fighter at transonic speed
  3. SR-71 Blackbird with diamond shaped wave pattern in the exhaust (Nasa)


The course is meant to give the students an extension and an enhancement of their knowledge in the area of compressible flow, in particular with respect to aerodynamic and engine applications.


Overview and review of basic gas dynamics concepts and processes. Normal and oblique shock waves. Expansion waves. Nozzle flow. The potential equation for compressible flow. Compressibility corrections for subsonic flow. Linear two-dimensional supersonic flow. Transonic flow. Experimental methods for compressible flow. Unsteady wave motion and shock tube flow. Hypersonic flow: orientation about hypersonic problems, thermodynamics for gases at high temperatures.


The course assumes that the contents of the course SG1215, SG1217 or SG1220, or something similar, has been studied.


"Modern Compressible Flow, with historical perspective, 3rd edition" by John D. Anderson, McGrawHill, 2004. 


Oral exam, experimental labs, hand-in assignments.

Lecturer and contact

Jens Fransson