Biomechanics of Human Movement

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SG2804     Biomechanics of human movement, 7.0 hp                       2014

Welcome to the undergraduate course in Biomechanics of human movement at KTH! 

Biomechanics is a large, and ever-growing field that broadly can be defined as applying the use of mechanics to study living systems. The study of biomechanics of human movement includes the mechanics which produce movement, the analysis of movement and forces, prediction of movement, etc.

This course will focus on movement of the human body and accompanying forces, fundamentals of motion production, analysis, and modeling.  The course focuses first on the anatomy and physiology of the human muscle-force system, then on biomechanical applications involved in human movement.  From this foundation, the course will focus on methods to analyze biomechanical problems, including kinematics and kinetics of movement and the muscle force system.  Relevant topics requiring such analyses will be discussed.  Emphasis is placed not only on computation, but also on interpretation and critical evaluation of results.


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