Good examples

On this page we present some good examples from the student work which should inspire next generations. The list is far from being complete. Please find here also link to an internal communication reporting about the course success in HT2018 (link). 

Some of the student material generated the last course rounds:


  • KTH profile page with excellent embedded video (link)
  • KTH profile page with videos and extensive information about own research (link)
  • KTH profile page (link) with a link to a description of the own research in simple words (link)
  • KTH profile page (link) with a link to a press article (link) that was written due to his online communication activity 
  • Personal homepage with many useful information about own research work (link)
  • Personal homepage (link) and excellent outreach activity work (link)
  • Personal homepage that includes a blog (link)
  • LinkedIn profile page with video that describes own research topic (link)
  • Active communication on personal LinkedIn profile page (link)  
  • Excellent outreach activities governmental agencies within impactful project (link, link)


  • KTH profile page with good information and many links to other profile pages (link
  • KTH profile page with good information (link) and linked page about own research (link)
  • KTH profile page with embedded video (link) explaining the impact of the own research (link)
  • Personal homepage with nice features for publications (link
  • Introduction video on journal paper (link) with link on own KTH profile page (link)
  • Extensive communication plan for PhD project (pdf)
  • Instagram activities on Stockholm Science City channel  (link, link, link
  • Significant outreach (>6953 views, 17 comments, 87 likes) of a LinkedIn post (screenshots: post, statistics
  • A value proposition following the NABC approach (pdf)

Course round HT 2018

21 students participated. Please find their feedback here (pdf). Students identify the value of the course (see page 5) and advise future students to "Make the most of this course, by actively participating in the parts. Maybe, not everything seems relevant for you directly, but in hindsight you will learn as much as you put in it yourself and it will be useful - whether it is now or in the future."

Course round HT 2017

15 students participated (maximum number). Please find their feedback here (pdf). Students recommend this course (see page 4) and advise that one should "Use the opportunity and invest the time in your outreach - it's worth it."

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