KTH Network on CDSMS - Complex & Dynamic Systems Modeling for Sustainability

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The KTH Network on Complex & Dynamic Systems Modeling for Sustainability (CDSMS) will provide a platform for people and projects at KTH related to technical, socio-economic and ecological studies which employ complex and dynamic systems modeling and simulation techniques such as differential equation modeling, system dynamics, agent-based modeling and discrete-event simulation. This network aims to enhance the collaboration and knowledge sharing among KTH CDSMS researchers and to contribute to raising the quality and recognition of CDSMS research at KTH and Sweden. The collaboration can be utilized though joint applications, publications, research activities, supervision, education, etc.

The main goal of the network is to bring researchers from different disciplines of engineering, natural science, social science, economics, and management to share with other KTH researchers their experience and challenges with their methodological approaches to complex and dynamic systems modeling.

Contact: Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei, Email: contactcdsms@kth.se

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