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MIDDLA & MID Studios

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Abstract shapes in different colours and gradients with the text MIDDLA


MIDDLA is a small lab on the 6th floor in the D building at KTH (find us here). Log in for more menu options. For access see FAQ.

att middla [²mid:lar]: to construct or create from a diverse range of things specifically in the context of physical interaction design.

The lab is a creative space for students, primarily from Interactive Media Technology but also from other programs, researchers from the MID department of EECS, and any KTH students/employees interested in interaction design.The lab is open to work on student projects, building prototypes with digital fabrication tools, getting advice from experts, attending applied lectures on e-textiles, prototyping with Arduino, shape-changing materials, etc.

The only requirement to be part of the MIDDLA community is to currently have a student or employee status at KTH and express a genuine interest in interaction design. If you're not affiliated to KTH but would like to collaborate, email us! :)

MIDDLA is part of MID Studios, which also include our Media Production studio, Multi-sensory studio, Soft Tech , Haptics studio and Flexi studio. These studios expand on modalities and technologies introduced in MIDDLA and are accessible to students of related programs.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Deirdre (Dee) Tobin, Studio manager (contact).