Master's Programme, Sports Technology

Innehåll visas utifrån dina val

Om du inte hittar någon sida, schemahändelse eller nyhet på din kurswebb kan det bero på att du inte ser den kursomgången/gruppen inom kursen som innehållet tillhör.

Veta mer om din kurswebb

Din kurswebb är sidorna för en kurs du prenumererar på. Du väljer sedan vilka omgångar/grupper inom kursen du vill ha information från. Är du registrerad på en kursomgång sköts prenumeration och val av kursomgäng automatiskt åt dig. Vill du ändra något av detta gör du det under Mina inställningar.

När du är inloggad på din kurswebb ser du:
  • Kursöversikt, nyheter och schema med information som är filtrerat utifrån dina valda omgångar/grupper inom kursen
  • Allmänna sidor för hela kursen
  • Kurswikin som är sidor som alla, lärare och studenter, kan skapa och redigera
  • Sidor som hör till de omgångar/grupper inom kursen du valt eller som valts för dig

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Hello and a warm welcome back after the summer!

We are still not free from the Covid-19 problem, so the schedule for the autumn term will also be affected. KTH has chosen to make the following priorities:

  1. Practical parts of the courses, such as laboratory work, shall, as far as possible, be carried out on site.
  2. Other teaching and examination can be carried out on site as long as FHM's guidelines regarding social distance can be followed.

 Point 2 means that there will be a limit to how many students may be in a room at the same time, which in turn means that there are not enough halls for all teaching in all classes to be carried out on site. It has then been seen as most important that the courses for students who are new to KTH, i.e. those in year 1 of the various programs (and year 4, since it corresponds to year 1 of the master's programs) should come first, while courses in year 2, 3 and 5 will for the most part be given at a distance also during the autumn term (at least in study period 1). Before the summer, each teacher has been given the opportunity to state how they want to implement the various parts of their course (on site, via Zoom or recorded) and the timetable administration is now working to implement these changes.

Unfortunately, there will thus be a need for changes in the schedule until the end of the semester and we will follow the development in the virus issue during the autumn and hopefully increasingly move to normal teaching.

 As for the exams, it will from the end of study period 1 be possible to give hall exams. Some courses will, however, continue to use alternative examination methods, you will be notified at the start of each course what applies in that particular course.

Keep a continuous eye on your schedule and attend the first lecture in your courses, and you will get more information from the teacher then.

On KTH's website there is general information,

Keep a regular eye on what is written there.

Välkommen till programwebben!

Här kan du som student eller anställd på KTH diskutera, informera, dela material (i t.ex. programwikin) och ställa frågor kring allt som rör programmet och studierna. Det finns även länkar till programrelaterad information som kan vara viktig för dig som student.

Alla program på KTH använder inte programwebben fullt ut i dagsläget. Alla studenter som går programmet får automatiskt en prenumeration och blir notifierade via e-post om det som skrivs här. Modereringsfunktionen fångar upp obesvarade frågor till myndigheten KTH och skickar dem vidare till rätt instans.

Welcome to programme website!

On these pages students and employees at KTH can share information, discuss or ask questions about everything related to the programme. There are also links to programme related information that may be important for you as a student.

Not all programmes have started to fully use these programme websites. All students that are admitted to this programme will however automatically get a subscription and therefore receives notifications through e-mail about activities on this page. There is a moderator function that captures unanswered questions to the public agency KTH and sends them on to the proper authorities.

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