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  • Anita Kullen receives KTH's Pedagogical Prize for 2020

    Publicerad 2021-01-27

    KTH's Pedagogical Prize is awarded to teachers within KTH for outstanding contributions to education at the first-, second and third-cycle levels.

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  • SPP receives 14.7 MSEK in funding from the Swedish National Space Agency

    Publicerad 2020-12-15

    Space and Plasma Physics was very successful in this year's round of SNSA calls, and secured a large part of the hotly contended space research fundin...

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  • Emil Thorén defends the PhD thesis

    Publicerad 2020-10-12

    On Friday Emil Thorén defended his PhD thesis "Modelling of macroscopic melt motion in fusion devices". Congratulations!

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  • New docent Lorenz Roth

    Publicerad 2020-05-27

    Congratulations Lorenz Roth, new Docent at EECS, Space and Plasma Physics!

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  • KTH student team selected to fly their experiment on a rocket

    Publicerad 2019-12-14

    A team of KTH students was selected to participate in the 13th cycle of the REXUS/BEXUS programme.

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  • Successful SPP Summer Course

    Publicerad 2019-08-26

    A new summer block course with the title “Exploring the Physics of Planetary Environments” was held at the Space and Plasma Physics division of KTH be...

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  • SEAM nanosatellite delivered for launch

    Publicerad 2019-05-21
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  • Avdelningen söker en doktorand.

    Publicerad 2019-05-06
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  • Prof. Ratynskaia and Dr. Tolias receive VR funding to model dust and droplets in ITER

    Publicerad 2015-11-13

    The three-year project led by Prof. S. Ratynskaia and Dr. P. Tolias aims to achieve predictive modelling of metallic dust and droplets in the internat...

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  • A study of CubeSat piggyback mission to an asteroid initiated

    Publicerad 2015-11-03

    ESA has approved five concept studies for CubeSats to piggyback on ESA's asteroid mission.

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  • New Swedish research satellite approved for funding!

    Publicerad 2014-10-28

    Funding for the Mats satellite has been approved by Swedish National Space Board

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  • Professor Brenning's HiPIMS paper selected as Journal of Physics D highlight

    Publicerad 2014-06-27

    Journal of Physics D, Applied Physics, has selected a paper by N. Brenning et al. as a highlight for 2013.

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  • Invigning av KTH rymdcenter med Christer Fuglesang

    Publicerad 2014-05-25

    Fredag den 23 maj invigdes KTH Rymdcenter officiellt av rektorn. I samband med det ordnades intressanta och spännande öppna föreläsningar inför en ful...

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  • Komet-jägaren Rosetta vaknar till liv

    Publicerad 2014-01-20

    Ett av de mest ambitiösa interplanetära satellitprojekten drivna av det europeiska rymdorganet ESA närmar sig efter 10 års resa kometen Churymov-Gera...

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  • MUSCAT experiment launched successfully from Esrange

    Publicerad 2013-05-31

    REXUS experiment developed by a student team from KTH and SU, MUSCAT (MUltiple Spheres for Characterisation of Atmospheric Temperature), was launched ...

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  • Professor Göran Marklund erhåller EGU’s Hannes Alfvén Medalj 2013

    Publicerad 2013-05-15
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  • MUSCAT, 4th REXUS student rocket project selected for flight

    Publicerad 2011-12-20

    ESA has selected the student rocket proposal MUSCAT (MUltiple Spheres for Characterisation of Atmospheric Temperature) for flight in 2013. This is th...

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  • Space and Plasma Physics hosts 2012 SRS meeting

    Publicerad 2011-12-20

    The 2012 meeting of SRS (Svenska Rymdforskares Samarbetsgrupp) will be held at KTH, 13-14 March.

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  • KTH hosts 39th EPS jointly with 16th ICPP

    Publicerad 2011-10-11
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  • Student rocket project

    Publicerad 2010-07-26

    The sound of the rotors rises to a roar as the helicopter lifts towards the sky. On board are Christian Westlund and Joakim Sandström, who are studyin...

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