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Research in MID

Media Technology and Interaction Design is a truly multi-disciplinary division and our research covers a large range of topics within Media Technology and Interaction Design. Those who share similar research interests can come together to discuss, collaborate and ultimately publish on their favourite topics.

Currently at MID, our research areas are as follows.

Creative Media Technology

We develop and explore media technology using historically and culturally-informed perspectives to facilitate sustainable and diverse creative expressions.

Link to Interaction Design

Interaction Design

The Interaction Design team designs novel interactions with electronically responsive artefacts and services honouring values such as feminism, somaesthetics, sustainability, critique and energy-awareness.

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Media lab

Our lab works with interdisciplinary research projects that combine advanced engineering with philosophy, art, aesthetics and other disciplines from the humanities.

Link to Sound and Music Computing

Sound and Music Computing

Our vision is to understand human communication and interaction by sound and music so as to make them a natural part of everyday technology.

Link to Digital and Physical Space Design

SPACE - Social, Physical and Cultural Environments

This research area concerns media technology and interaction design as it takes form in physical space, loaded with things, people and culture.

Link to Sustainability


Our research interects between media technologies and information and communication technologies (ICT) and on the other hand issues relating to sustainability and sustainable development.

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Technology Enhanced Learning

The Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) group makes teaching and human learning more effective and efficient since 2009.

To support our research, four research environments are available at MID.

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