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Food Review

A systematic review of the scientific literature on digital interventions for more sustainable food consumption behaviour.

This synthesis aims at investigating the current state of research regarding digital behavioral interventions to increase sustainability in the food sector, focusing on end consumers and large-scale food management. The area is very relevant and urgent today, since digital behavioral interventions is an area that has grown rapidly in recent years, but where no systematic research overview of this kind has yet been made in the area of ​​ sustainability.

The results will be of value to decision makers, interaction- and intervention designers and practitioners in companies, government and other public sectors who have an interests in sustainability and food. We will look at end consumers (purchasing, food storage, cooking, consumption) and large-scale food management (retail, restaurant, public sector) focusing on sustainability in the form of reduced food waste, changed diets to more sustainable lifestyles and changed practices around food (transport, refrigeration, cooking, etc.). We will investigate which goals related to food and sustainability the relevant studies have addressed, what behavior change techniques are used, what kind of digital platform has been used and to what extent set goals have been achieved. Our goal is furthermore to determine where there are knowledge gaps and to recommend what measures can be taken in the area to shift towards more sustainable food consumption.

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This project has funding from Formas and will be carried out from 2018-01-01 - 2019-04-01