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Spv: Adrian Latupeirissa

Project 1: Sonic dress for humanoid robots

Develop an interactive sonic dress for Pepper robot, embedded with a number of small loudspeakers which should provide a meaningful sonic feedback in correspondence to robot movements, thus enhancing the perception of robot movements.

Robots are limited in the expressive range of their movement, sonic output, and display of emotion. Communication channels between human and robot are dictated by the number of sensors and output available in the robot. We are looking at exploring a possible improvement by adding these communication channels on an existing robot.

This is a very practical project. You will learn how to design and implement an interactive artefact in Human-Robot Interaction. Understanding of HRI/HCI and knowledge in physical interaction prototyping are required. Prototyping tools and materials are provided. A Pepper robot is also available.

Project 2: Exploring the use of non-verbal sound in Human-Robot Interaction

Explore sound design method and create sound models utilizing non-verbal sound of a robot to communicate with human.

There are many sides in the interaction between human and robots. Robots can be the extension of ourselves in the world both physically (e.g: NASA Mars Rover) or virtually through networked communication (e.g: asking a robot to look for information available online). Robots can also be present and accompany us in our daily activities (e.g: social robots at home). In any of these scenarios, there could be many information that can be communicated to us human; any reading from the robot's sensor, internal workings of its 'brain' or computing processes, or any various real-time information of what is happening in the world.

Instead of speech or visualization, in this project we are interested to use non-vebal sound to communicate these various information.

Unlike any other projects offered here, the details of this project is open for your suggestion and interests. It can be a very technical project or a theoritical/philosophical one. Interest in Human-Robot Interaction, understanding of sound design and HCI, as well as technical capabilities to work with our robot (Python, C++, or Java) are required.