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Research on turbomachinery aeromechanics performed at the ITSM

Tid: Ti 2023-12-05 kl 15.00 - 16.00

Plats: Faxén, Teknikringen 8

Medverkande: Prof. Damian Vogt (University of Stuttgart)

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Abstract: The field of turbomachinery aeromechanics covers phenomena that may lead to vibrations of components, foremost turbomachinery blades. Whereas low-amplitude vibrations can be tolerated, such with large amplitudes may lead to failure due to material overload or fatigue, making them intolerable. From an engineering perspective, it is of interest to predict vibration levels efficiently, accurately and reliably, ideally early in the design process. Aeromechanical phenomena however usually necessitate complex simulations and/or testing, making this task challenging. By combining experimental and numerical research, the team at the ITSM has shed light on various aspects in this field of turbomachinery engineering, which is going to be presented in this pre-defense seminar.

Bio: Damian Vogt is a Professor of Thermal Turbomachinery and the Director of the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machinery Laboratory (ITSM) at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. His primary research focus lies on turbomachinery aeromechanics with applications ranging from turbo compressors over steam turbines to high-speed radial turbomachinery. Holding a PhD in Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity from KTH and a Mechanical Engineering Diploma from ETH, he has over the past 20+ years been closely working with industry to advance this field of turbomachinery engineering. Prof Vogt is an ASME Fellow and an active member of several scientific committees, among others the one of the ISUAAAT.

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