KTH Electrical and Electronic Engineering ranks 16 in the world

Several of KTH subject areas have prominent placements in the prestigious QS rankings for 2015. At the very top for KTH is "Electrical & Electronic Engineering" ranking number 16 in the world. This is the best ranking ever for KTH. This is excellent news both for Dean Stefan Östlund and Helena Malmqvist, Head of External Research Collaborations at ABB.

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Fuel cell technology from KTH represented at the Swedish UN

At the 70th General Assembly, fuel cell technology from KTH department of Micro and Nanosystem represented sustainability in the Swedish UN representation in New York.

myFC is a spin-off company that commercializes micro fuel cells, invented at and first demonstrated by the KTH Micro and Nanosystems Department (KTH MST) .

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Magnetic fields was the topic of the annual Alfvén lecture

Professor Margaret G. Kivelson, space physicist at UCLA, visited KTH last Wednesday as she gave the Alfvén lecture 2015 on the subject of magnetic fields in space. The Alfvén lecture is given every year in memory of Hannes Alfvén who received the Nobel Prize in physics 1970.

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Postdoctoral researcher given Guan Zhao-Zhi Award

Last month, Junfeng Wu, postdoctoral researcher at KTH in the department of Automatic Control, received the prestigious Guan Zhao-Zhi Award at the Chinese Control Conference in Hangshou. Wu was given the award for his paper “Stability conditions and phase transition for Kalman filtering over Markovian channels formation” written by J. Wu, G. Shi, B. D. O. Anderson, and K.H. Johansson. 

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Latest research in wireless communications presented at KTH

The 16th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, SPAWC 2015, was held at KTH earlier this week. Between the 28th of June and 1st of July, the latest scientific results on wireless communication systems and networks was presented to participants from all corners of the world.

This year’s edition of the IEEE conference was held at KTH and went on for four days. The event was organized in collaboration with researchers at universities from all over the world – from Asia to America – and had over 180 participants. In total, 30 different nationalities were represented.

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2014 Yearbook

We can look back on another successful year in both research and education. The 2014 yearbook highlights some of the important events from 2014 and at the same time indicates our future plans.

In this yearbook, we have paid special attention to one of these areas, namely Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We have done this to illustrate the important role we are playing in the digital revolution that is fundamentally changing our society.

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The black auroras

Most people have heard of auroras - more commonly known as the Northern and Southern Lights. Less familiar are phenomena known as black auroras, dark patches which often subdivide the glowing curtains of red and green light. A recent paper studies the phenomena of these black auroras.

By analysing data collected from ESA’s Cluster satellites for almost 15 years the scientists cast light on the physical processes taking place in auroral nurseries and the secrets of how the dark "cavities" in between the shimmering auroras are created. Associate Professor Tomas Karlsson, Space and Plasma Physics gives an example of the importance of the findings.

"For example, GPS signals can be modified by changes in electron content in the ionosphere, so that their navigational and timing accuracy are significantly reduced. Improved modelling of the ionosphere is necessary to make the necessary corrections."

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Professor Rolf Stadler has received Dan Stokesberry Memorial Award for 2015.


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