Connected boot boosts firefighter safety

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Technology developed at KTH Department of Signal Processing will save more lives from fires while making the work of a firefighters safer. A small embedded computer in each of the heels of a firefighter’s shoes is combined with radio ranging equipment to enable emergency response coordinators to follow firefighters’ movements and location throughout an operation –without any infrastructure.

Watch the video from the successful tests of the positioning system TOR

Yearbook 2013 | Tools for Tomorrow

KTH School of Electrical Engineering is building a sustainable tomorrow by developing ways to make the power grid smarter, more reliable and flexible, cutting losses as well as enabling long distance energy. In this yearbook you can see a few examples of what we have done during the previous year to provide the world with the tools for a sustainable society. And much much more.

The dance between the sun and the planets

Beginning this year, NASA will launch four satellites equipped with technology from the School of Electrical Engineering. The mission: to study the microphysics of magnetic reconnection.

How do you intend to change society?

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