They lower the cost for surface patterning plastics

Researchers at the Department of Micro- and Nanosystems at KTH have developed a new way to simultaneously shape and surface treat plastic components. The new method can reduce the manufacturing cost of medical devices, such as diagnostic tools for various diseases.

The world's first smart guitar

You play it like a real guitar, but it is equipped with wireless connectivity. Listen to a new episode of podcast series KTH Techtalks with Michele Benincaso, luthier, and Carlo Fischione, associate professor at the department of automatic control, who have developed the Sensus Smart Guitar.

Robots to communicate by body language

Sometimes all it takes to get help from someone is to wave at them, or point. Now the same is true for robots. Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have completed work on an EU project aimed at enabling robots to cooperate with one another on complex jobs, by using body language.

KTH scored third place in the GCDC

During the weekend of 28 and 29 May 2016, the city of Helmond was the centre of an international event in the field of cooperative driving: the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC). Out of ten student teams from six European countries, KTH scored a place in the top three with one of their two competing vehicles.


Tests show how trucks can reuse engine heat for power

A 195-year-old discovery is behind a new system that will save vehicles hundreds of litres of fuel and reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 1,000 tonnes per year.


64 million SEK in research grants

SSF is giving two projects at the School of Electrical Engineering grants of a total of 64 million SEK. The projects are led by Dimos Dimarogonas and Karl-Henrik Johansson. In total, KTH received almost a quarter of a billion SEK from the SSF for research within smart systems and materials science.

WASP offers four strongly financed professorships

WASP is now offering four strongly financed professorships at the coordinating universities, one of them being KTH. The positions are not specified to specific topics which means that applications from all research areas of WASP are welcome. The positions include post-doc and graduate student funding, and access to well-financed planned autonomous research arenas.

Read about the professorships

KTH Tech Talks

Listen to KTH Tech Talks, a podcast that brings together scientists for a 20-minute conversation about their mututal field of research. In the fourth episode, Wouter van der Wijngaart from the department of Micro and nano systems, is one of two scientists featured. 

Listen to episodes of KTH Tech Talks

New docent

Daniel Månsson, Electromagnetic engineering
His docent lecture

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