Dimos Dimarogonas named Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Contemporary robots or machines are often programmed to perform a set task. As a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Dimos Dimarogonas will develop a system that allows robots and other electronic units to consider their surroundings when making decisions and to cooperate with humans.

Lorenz Roth in final running to join asteroid test

In 2022, NASA plans to ram a 300kg spacecraft into an asteroid, while an ESA-built space probe orbits the egg-shaped body and records the aftermath. A team that includes KTH researcher Lorenz Roth is among the final five that are competing for their CubeSat designs to be included in the mission.

Göran Stemme receives Erna Ebeling award

Professor Göran Stemme has been given the Erna Ebeling award for his great research in medical sensors. The award is given annually for outstanding achievements in medical physics and medical technology.


Sensors relay the health status of machines

Motion sensors can be used to examine the health status of certain machines, such as lifts, and if they need to be repaired - before they break down. The Signal Processing Department has reached this conclusion in a collaborative research programme. An app that is used in lifts at the university has been developed to illustrate the technology involved.

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KTH researcher involved in NASA’s mission to Jupiter’s moon

NASA has selected nine science instruments for a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa to investigate whether the moon could have conditions suitable for life. Lorenz Roth, from the department of Space and Plasma Physics, is a science co-investigator of the Ultraviolet Spectrograph (UVS) - one of the selected instruments.

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KTH Tech Talks

Listen to KTH Tech Talks, a podcast that brings together scientists for a 20-minute conversation about their mututal field of research. In the fourth episode, Wouter van der Wijngaart from the department of Micro and nano systems, is one of two scientists featured. 

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New docent

Isaac Skog, Signal Processing
His docent lecture

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