The merge of technology and biology

We are happy to welcome assistant professor Anna Herland to the School of electrical engineering! Anna will conduct research within bioelectric hybrid systems, an area that combines two subjects that feel quite far apart – biology and electrical engineering.

New professor

Lars Jonsson is professor of electromagnetic fields. His research focuses on developing and creating tools that can be used to determine whether antennae, filters, and more common electromagnetic spreaders are optimal, with regard to their physical limitations.


They lower the cost for surface patterning plastics

Researchers at the Department of Micro- and Nanosystems at KTH have developed a new way to simultaneously shape and surface treat plastic components. The new method can reduce the manufacturing cost of medical devices, such as diagnostic tools for various diseases.


Electro alumni new CEO of Ericsson

Last Wednesday, Ericsson announced their new CEO. And it was none other the Börje Ekholm, graduate from the Electrical Engineering programme and member of the KTH board.

KTH Tech Talks

Listen to KTH Tech Talks, a podcast that brings together scientists for a 20-minute conversation about their mututal field of research. In the fourth episode, Wouter van der Wijngaart from the department of Micro and nano systems, is one of two scientists featured. 

Listen to episodes of KTH Tech Talks

New docent

Daniel Månsson, Electromagnetic engineering
His docent lecture

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