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Federico Favero

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My research interest lies in the question: how do people feel and behave in an illuminated space? This question includes the effect of light in architecture and its impact on human perception, affect, movement, acute or circadian responses and ultimately well-being. I study these responses using qualitative and quantitative methods from psychology and behavioural studies, and I use an integrative lighting design approach that combines artificial lighting and daylight in architecture and the built environment, indoors and outdoors.

Currently I am completing the dissertation of my PhD, preliminarily entitled: "Light-Rhythms". The project has been supported by Svensson Stiftelse and KTH and it is based at KTH Media and Interaction Design - MID, under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Bresin, and co-supervised by Ass. Professores Ute Besenecker and Arne Lowden.

I have worked at KTH Lighting Design Lab, a Division at KTH Architecture, since 2006, first as Assistant Teacher, then Lecturer and Examiner. I have been Head of Unit from 2014 to 2015 and Programme Director of the Master in Architectural Lighting Design from 2014 to 2019. In my time as Head of Unit and Programme Director I lead a team of five teachers and researchers and a cohort of external collaborators. We established new courses in lighting at KTH School of Architecture and I lead the process to gather academic and financial support to establish the first professorship in Lighting Design in Sweden, open in 2019. I am currently course responsible of the Master Thesis course, AF270X and the Light and Science course, HS2010.

I have been the Director of the Light Symposium 2018 and 2015 in Stockholm and I have been nominated to the Lighting magazine 40Under40 2018 class.

I'm an IALD Educator and a Lighting Detective. I love light as much as I love a beautiful shadow.


Degree Project in Architectural Lighting Design, Second Cycle (AF270X), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Light and Humans (HS2007), teacher | Course web

Light and Science (HS2010), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Light and Space-Indoor (HS2009), teacher | Course web

Light and Space-Outdoor (HS2008), examiner, teacher | Course web

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