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The search tool Primo gathers information from multiple sources to a comprehensive collection of scientific and academic materials: the print collection, e-books, e-journals, articles, etc. You can also get hits on material that the library does not have access to. Such materials can in many cases be requested.


Help improve arXiv.org

The arXiv is a repository of electronic preprints (e-prints) of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, and quantitative finance. Right now they are conducting a user survey to improve the service and clarify future directions. Share your input and help improve arXiv!


The Media Archive available again

The revision of e-resources at the end of last year led to a number of cancellations including The Media Archive (Mediearkivet). This resource is now available to our users again and funded by the Public Relations Office.


E-books about presentation skills

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