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The search tool Primo gathers information from multiple sources to a comprehensive collection of scientific and academic materials: the print collection, e-books, e-journals, articles, etc. You can also get hits on material that the library does not have access to. Such materials can in many cases be requested.

At the moment there are problems accessing American Chemical Society (ACS) on computers outside of KTH. Access within the campus is working.

Trial period to e-books from Karger

Until the end of June we have access to 600 titles covering all disciplines of human medicine from the publisher Karger.

The content is also searchable in Primo


Annual Bibliometric Monitoring published on the intranet

The first edition of the Annual Bibliometric Monitoring (ABM) is now available on KTH Intranet. The web pages display bibliometric statistics for KTH and KTH Schools as well as information about the monitoring.


E-books on academic writing

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