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The search tool Primo gathers information from multiple sources to a comprehensive collection of scientific and academic materials: the print collection, e-books, e-journals, articles, etc. You can also get hits on material that the library does not have access to. Such materials can in many cases be requested.

At the moment we are having some problems with Primo. We are working on it. If it's not possible to search in Primo, please try searching directly in our databases and search tools.


Pardon the mess, we're redecorating!

On Monday 2nd of March we will change our website. No major changes, but we’re changing the structure slightly to make it easier to navigate. This means that there might be some disruption on Monday morning while we’re transferring to the new site.


Extended subscription to e-books from Safari Tech Books Online!

Safari Tech Books Online is one of our most used e-book resources. Now we have expanded our subscription by nearly 20,000 titles to nearly 30,000 titles. Safari Tech Books Online contains books in IT, computing and technology from a variety of publishers, including O'Reilly Media and The Pearson Technology Group. You can find them all in Primo and directly on the platform.

E-books on information searching

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