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Seminars on Knovel and Inspec

With Susan McKeown, Customer Consultant from Elsevier

Focused on the engineering community, Knovel offers validated engineering content including more than 3,500 leading reference works and databases.

Inspec coverage is extensive in the fields of physics, computing, control, and engineering.

Want to participate in one or both of the seminars? Please send an e-mail to Nils Jansson [nilsjan@kth.se] at the Library. There are a limited number of places, so be sure to register as soon as possible!

For more information about the seminars Inspec, Knovel


How to write a basic technical paper

Are you interested in learning more about writing and publishing a paper? Come to our seminar "How to write a basic technical paper". The presentation will touch upon the entire writing process of an academic publication, and address the questions that arise in the mind of students who are new to the realm of publishing.

The presentation is held by Eszter Lukacs from IEEE and will be in English. There are a limited number of seats so be sure to register if you want to participate!

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