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Torsten Wedhorn: Moduli of truncated local G-shtukas


Tid: To 2024-05-23 kl 14.20 - 15.20

Plats: Classroom 7, Albano House 1, Floor 2

Medverkande: Torsten Wedhorn (Darmstadt)

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We develop a general formalism to deal with truncations of displays, prismatic Breuil-Kisin modules, or local shtukas and their moduli. The talk focuses on truncated local \(G\)-shtukas and their moduli spaces. We explain how their description yields an identification of their motive to that of the motive of the stack of \(G\)-zips implying in particular an identification for (higher) Chow groups.

This is joint work with Eva Viehmann and (in part) with Can Yaylali.