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Application guide 1: Taking the first steps

So, the application round for master’s programmes at KTH for the year, 2018 is opened! This post is the beginning of many series to come so if you’re interested in applying to KTH, tag along;)

KTH offers over 60 masters programme organised into nine subject areas:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Engineering Physics and Mathematics
  • Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Life Science Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

To me, this translates that you have a vast range of programmes to pick from which helps you to be very specific in what you actually want to do. Very cool right? So, STEP 1: FIND YOUR PREFERRED PROGRAMME


So, various programmes at KTH have different admission requirements and, so it’s good to find out the ones that apply to your preferred programme. This is easily found at the section for each programme at the KTH website.

Since the KTH application period spans over a long time-frame, if you’re an applicant, you would probably be between stages 1 and  2 right now. I would say this is the time to spend preparing and making sure you gather and prepare all required documents for your programme.

Applications for all programmes at KTH are done online. Most programmes are applied for through University Admissions in Sweden. Not to worry, your preferred programme would have a direct link that directs you to the site, once you click on “Apply Now” 😉

The deadline is January 15th. However, applications for some joint programmes are made through other portals and their application periods vary. The simple step is to follow the instruction given on the KTH website for the programmes that fall into this category.

Since, this stage is about getting all documents ready, the has a step-to-step instructional guide for Master’s applicants. Visit the link below:

Instructions for master’s applicants

Ensure you view step 2 in the above link as various countries have specific requirements and you can compare if the degree obtained in your country meets the basic entry requirements.

That’s it for this post. Follow the blog for subsequent posts in the application guide for a prospective future at KTH 😉



6 thoughts on “Application guide 1: Taking the first steps”

  1. Hi Oluchi. I was going through the requirements for applying for sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE). And i realized that somethings mentioned in the ‘selection criteria’ were not mentioned for the general and specific requirements for that course (SEE).

    My question is, is the ‘selection criteria’ generic or specific to the program? If one submits all the specified general and specific requirements for SEE, would that be enough? Or would the person still be required to fulfill the ‘selection criteria’, adding other documents that were not stipulated on the General and specific requirements for SEE?


  2. Hi, I’d like to know the tution fee for sustainable energy engineering at KTH don’t know, thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Tolani, the tuition fee for sustainable energy engineering at KTH is SEK310,000

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