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Following the Leaders

You might be a future student, a soon-to-be graduated alumni from KTH, or just someone who crossed along with this blog. No matter who you are, you will be part sooner or later of the workforce that thrives our economy; but how much do you know about the environmental commitment that companies have nowadays?

It’s well known that some companies invest large amounts of money when it comes to their participation in political activities. These policy makers based their goals on bringing value to their stakeholders; but how does this affect our environment?

As you may know, Stockholm is a hub for innovation and environmental protection start-ups and based on Bloomberg’s information, is the home country for a company that leads pro-climate policies. Which företag am I talking about? A hint, it has the colors of the Swedish flag in its logo…

Ikea is not only a “green” policy maker, is a company that aims to work with 100% renewable energy by 2020. Some of Ikea’s accomplished commitments are:

  • Implementations of new standards for fewer and safer chemicals.
  • Phased out incandescent bulbs from their stores.
  • Waste into resources. Less than 15% from Ikea’s trash goes to landfills.
  • Supply chain. Sourcing raw materials to protect the environment.

Do you know these other companies? I think is no surprise that the petrochemical industry kind of fights against miljöskydd and stronger rules for less GHG emissions. As a matter of fact, the AP7 (Sweden’s largest pension fund), has sold in June 2017 its investments in 6 companies including giant petrochemical ExxonMobil because “they had fought against introducing climate legislation in the US”; this goes against the Paris agreement signed by all nations except Syria, Nicaragua and the U.S.

What do you think? Would you like to work for a pro environmental protection company? I would totally do! 😀

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What’s warm as the Sun and spicy as a jalapeño? My home country México. My name is Fernando and I came to Sweden to study the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH. Come, join me to learn and understand the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle, and where else to do this than in Sweden?