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City of Blinding Lights

Stockholmers, what a great spectacle we had last night! Incredible nature’s show right above us, green bright lights dancing over our heads thanks to solar’s winds disrupting Earth’s magnetosphere. This amazing spectacle that people seek mostly by traveling northern Sweden paying a significant amount of money just to see what we had here for free! Yesterday! HERE IN STOCKHOLM!… Oh wait, you didn’t see the northern lights? It was too bright in hype Södermalm? Well, then say thank you to what scientist call “Light Pollution” and enjoy these 2 pics from IG users living in Lappis, northern Stockholm.

As many of you, me and my roomies were unable to actually see the lights last night (we live in beautiful Älvsjö, southern Södermalm). The bright illumination surrounding us, whether it was from our own building or the street, didn’t let us see this incredible phenomena. So light pollution is the one to blame. As presented in the “Dark Sky Organization”, this type of pollution is the result of our industrialized civilization and is composed by:

  • Glare – excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort
  • Skyglow – brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas
  • Light trespass – light falling where it is not intended or needed
  • Clutter – bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources

Sometime inefficiently located, light instruments cause the reflection of natural dark night-light. Wasting energy, poorly targeted and sometimes extremely bright, this instruments block the amazing view of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

According to the 2016 groundbreaking “World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness,” 80 percent of the world’s population lives under skyglow. In the United States and Europe 99 percent of the public can’t experience a natural night!

Want to know more about how lamps block natural light? Click here. Remember that unnecessary lamps don’t only stop us to seeing amazing starry nights, but they consume energy 🙁

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What’s warm as the Sun and spicy as a jalapeño? My home country México. My name is Fernando and I came to Sweden to study the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH. Come, join me to learn and understand the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle, and where else to do this than in Sweden?