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The magic of HOTPOT!

Sixuan and Richard brought China to Stockholm and I am excited! The excitement is on a very high level that I feel I would be unfair if I do not share my hotpot experience with you (haha!)

So, this week was Sixuan’s birthday(one of my flatmates) and you know how I gushed about the wonderful people I have as corridor mates. If you missed that post, it’s right here🙂 To further prove to the rest of the world that they are the best(haha), Sixuan and Richard decided to “take us to a Chinese restaurant located at DKV” and we experienced the magic of hotpot.

The cool thing is we were all clueless about what “hotpot” entailed. However, from the description we got before the D-day, I concluded that this meal is one that allows the chef or should I say, cook, to express his or her creativity and I was glad I was part of the cooking process.

I loved hotpot as a meal because it involved everyone. We needed all hands on deck to get it ready. It’s a perfect meal for bonding time:) Obviously, breakfast became brunch as we ate for hours! I loved how Sixuan and Richard also shared bits of the Chinese culture and tradition as we ate.

Can you spot Sixuan and Richard? Let me help you:) – The two from the right. the third person is Chandra; all hands on deck remember?
Sixuan on her birthday!

Thank you, Sixuan and Richard for bringing China to our apartment. This video just gives the perfect summary of our hotpot brunch. Experience the magic of hot pot vicariously through us:)