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People are always thinking!

The human mind is as versatile as it gets! Every day, we hear of new inventions and people pushing the limits, especially in the technology industry. It is no news that Sweden is currently an abode for tech startups and Stockholm is the second most fecund tech hub in the world. To this end, it’s no surprise that an event called “STHLM TECH MEETUP” is held on the first Monday of each month at Stockholm. In this event, depending on the focus for that month,  some lucky startups will pitch the special guests live on stage and the audience chooses which startup joins the investors for dinner afterwards. (Very cool right?)

As an energy engineer, I am very interested in practices and solutions to improve the energy industry with the aim of achieving the global sustainable goals by 2030. With this as my driving force, when STHLM TECH MEETUP announced that December’s event will be focused on energy, I knew I should attend.

Here goes the details of my Monday evening:

Presentation time!

CEO, Northvolt presented updates on the company’s project. In case you are wondering who Northvolt is, Northvolt is a European organisation with a vision to build Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory. The most interesting thing is the aim of ensuring that the factory produces with minimum carbon footprint and has a sustainable lifecycle. Some of the batteries were shown to us during the presentation.

Next,  the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Sverige presented two projects Mercedes is currently working on. Below, you can watch the video for the first project- Automated Valet Parking:

The second project aims at snow ploughing with autonomous vehicles (amazing right?)  Also, the Mercedes S-class was available for test driving. You might be wondering why Mercedes is interested in investing in energy startups.  Mercedes is very aware of the rapid change in the energy industry and its effect on the transportation sector. Therefore, the company is interested in new ideas that can be integrated into their cars.

Start-ups pitch!

For the panel, we had the portfolio manager of the Swedish Energy Agency, the strategy analyst of Vattenfall and the CEO, SaltX TEchnology present. The two startups who pitched were Smart Charger and Phoenix.

Smart charger plans to balance the consumption of the on-grid power plants in the future when there would be so much electricity demand due to the increased use of electric cars.

Phoenix plans to have a highly efficient biomass power plant. It plans to conduct research to use gasification process combined with the technology in steam turbines.

An interesting thing about the pitch was the startups were interrupted in between with questions or thoughts from the panel giving the audience a chance to understand the projects better and also have an insight to how investors think when startups pitch to them.

Voting time!

Guess who won our votes? Smart charger or Phoenix?? You can take a guess in the comment section:)

Personally, this event also gives a peek into what every inventor or entrepreneur is constantly thinking about – problems! You might say what a weird answer this is, but the start-ups that pitched both started with an introduction to the problem before presenting their solution. The work of the panel (investors) was to critically judge how plausible the solution would be.  In conclusion, the ideas that become fruitful businesses are those that are solving a need!

I love this event as it creates an opportunity for start-ups, investors and people who are just interested in the theme of the month to come together and rub minds.  There was an argument that arose on this sentence ” In 10-15 years, we would have 95% autonomous electric cars” Some people thought it would take lesser time and some thought 20 years would be more accurate.

As you ponder on what your choice might be, remember:

The world keeps growing and developing because people are thinking! What are you thinking about?


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