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Are You Considering KTH For Your Masters Degree?

If you are someone who is thinking about applying to KTH and haven’t yet applied then this post is for you and you need to immediately apply because the deadline is on January 15th, which is in two days from now.

Well, I have exactly been in this situation last year, wondering if I must apply to a particular university, wondering whether I stand a chance, wondering if I must invest in paying the application fee, wondering if this was indeed the place I wanted to study in. You know all those questions that bombard your head, yes I have been there and gone through it. Today, I thought I would share with you my experiences studying at KTH in Stockholm, basically, trying to convince you to apply. And trust me am very genuine here and I will not be exaggerating anything a bit!

Last year around this time, or perhaps earlier, I was super involved in trying to list out the universities I should be applying to. Once I decided to do my master’s abroad, I had a list of countries, USA, Germany, Sweden etc and a list of universities in these countries. It took me a lot of time to research about each country and each university, trying to analyze their pros and cons to prioritize the ones I should be applying to. I applied to about 7 Universities I believe and I did get a couple of admits in few others but I chose to go to KTH for the obvious scholarship reason. Now I can tell you that I am so very glad to have made that decision. Even if it wasn’t for the scholarship, KTH is the best choice one could make. One of the major factors we all start by looking at are the rankings. But, there is so much more to your master’s degree abroad than the rankings,  and I will tell you why…


This is perhaps the first criteria one must consider. The education here is of top-notch quality! Very practical, very much industry oriented and up to date as per current industry requirements. KTH teaches you engineering and the skills, that you will need, to work in a company or start your own business or whatever that is. You will learn the art of the subject and not just pages of the textbook. If you have read my previous blogs, then you might already know that many courses here don’t even have an exam and you can even carry your textbook or a summary sheet to your exam if you have one. They don’t test your ability to mug things up. They teach you to do it and test you through your projects and assignments.

The courses at KTH so close knit with the industry. Some courses are designed in collaboration with the companies, that you might find half of your lectures be given by people from the industries. Sometimes, you get to visit the company to see your theory in action. All that simply ignites your interest in the subject. The professors at KTH are often so involved in creating a conducive learning environment for you, they are very considerate so much that they can even extend a deadline if you have a valid reason. They want you to become a quality engineer and they will give their full support in the process. I truly feel that KTH loves me and that sense of belonging and a sense of being cared, that warm feeling like home, is not something you will get everywhere.


I think one of my major reason behind my decision to study abroad is to gain the international experience. Every country has the best grad school that one can study in, but some of us want to explore beyond. True education is certainly knowing about things that are beyond the books, it is about exploring the world, places, people, culture and eventually, in the process you will find your true self. It is a way of self-exploration I would say.

KTH in that way will give the true international experience. Unlike my friends who live in other countries where 40% of the class are Indians, 40 % being Chinese with the rest being the natives and often they end up hanging out with their own tribe, kinda ending up losing a significant point behind the abroad studies. There is a very healthy mix of people here at KTH. Name a country in the world and I bet you would find a student from that country in every class at KTH. Since the Europeans are so fond of exchange programs, one can spot a lot of Europeans at KTH, a handful of Indians, few from the USA, China, Australia, Africa, a handful from the south-east Asian countries. The point is, the mix is very healthy. You will end up making a lot of International friends just like I have now.

Especially if you happen to be a part of any student project team, like the KTH Formula Student team that I am in, then there is no one that can stop you from your international experience. It is quite interesting to know people, their culture and value systems. It is a very mind-blowing and eye-opening experience when you get over your stereotypes and begin to feel that togetherness. it is sometimes funny to pick up accents and more fun when you have this one friend in the gang who switches between accents when a storm like french girl walks by. ROFL!


Sweden is a cold country indeed but the people here are super warm and welcoming. It is true that Swedes are very difficult to gel with because of their shy nature, but once you have successfully broken the ice you would have made a friend for your life. I have some amazing Swedish friends here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found your true love of your life here. That would be interesting! 😀

Sweden is a country that focuses on its people. It is a social welfare model here that believes in a healthy and happy living standard. Sweden has strict rules against firearms and weapons. I have walked from the garage to my apartment at 3 AM when it was dark as a dungeon and it was super safe! You will feel very safe in Sweden!

There is so much nature around. The forests, pristine lakes, beaches, the lovely winter snow and shimmery summer sun,  Sweden is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries one can be in. Every season is a work of art by nature and will make you feel like you’re living in heaven. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, running! OMG! There is so much to do in Sweden!


So, now we’are talking. Let me be fair and Honest. Stockholm is a costly city and it is quite expensive to study here if you don’t have a scholarship. So it is very natural that we want to stay here a bit longer to gain some work experience and finish off that heck of a student loan that each of us has. The good news is, it’s very easy!  Of course with a bit of an effort.

Sweden has abundant job opportunities. There are start-ups sprouting everywhere and they want to hire talented people. If you are talented then it is not at all difficult to find your dream job in Sweden. No, Swedish language is not mandatory to know, but it helps. Why not learn a new language when you’re going to stay in this country for that many years? Finding a job in Sweden is all about networking. If you’re someone who can initiate a conversation at those job fairs and expos. Then,  fear not you’ll have a Job before you even start your Thesis.  Also, as a KTH student you will always have that edge over others. You don’t need to have A grades on all your paper to find a job btw. Companies will be willing to hire you even if you have few papers remaining and will also let you take a week or two off at work to give your exams. They are super chilled out and relaxed. Btw, there aren’t any strict VISA procedures to stay here, it’s quite easy if you’re a genuine student staying here for a valid reason. Also, no queue or lottery-like mess too 😉 It is pretty straightforward.

There are a couple of part-time jobs as well. As a Research assistant or teaching assistant at KTH, or as a food delivery person, or a customer assistant at Saravanaa Bhavan, there are many part-time jobs that you can do. All these jobs will pay you quite well actually. I know a lot of people who cover their total living expense and also travel around Europe by only using their part-time job salary. Also, traveling around Europe is so easy and less expensive. Therefore, A degree at KTH is an investment and not an expenditure. It will open the windows to a new and better world. So, don’t over think. You have got it in you to handle this 🙂

The above are the four big buckets I can think of to categorize my experience here at KTH. If I have missed something, do let me know in the comment section and we can discuss a bit about it for sure 🙂

Here are few more reasons why you should apply to KTH

Want to know how to apply? Click here! 

Some of the programmes might have an extended deadline to submit your documents. Please check that. So do apply within the two days now if you haven’t yet. I assure you that you will appreciate yourself for this decision you make today. 🙂

Good luck! Cheers!

Hoping to see you all at KTH this autumn! 🙂


Sindhu 🙂 <3

2 thoughts on “Are You Considering KTH For Your Masters Degree?”

  1. hey! in continuation with my messages to you on Facebook ( hope i don’t sound creepy) i wanted to add these
    1. How do you feel about the language scene in the institute and the country in general for students?
    2. Can you suggest the closest subject to solar and renewable engineering that i could pursue not just in KTH but anywhere in the globe?

    1. Hey there! To answer your first question, English is the teaching medium here and most of the people speak good English. You can easily survive here without knowing Swedish. But a bit of Swedish knowledge does give you an edge in the job search.

      I think the Solar energy track in the Sustainable Energy Engineering programme will be a close match. Check out this link here. Generally, the programmes in the Electrical Engineering department are very flexible, you can mix and match courses to customize your track.

      The Master programme in Solar Engineering at Dalarna University in Sweden is also quite famous. I would prefer the KTH tag, though 😉 You can basically decide by checking out univ ranking and programme ranking. Wish you the best!

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