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Happy New Year!

How do we usher in the new year in Stockholm? Any special activities? Anything you might like to add to your bucket list if you are in Stockholm on December 31st? keep reading to find out;)

I was meant to meet up with a group of people to go see the fireworks from Gamla Stan. I was a bit busy few hours to midnight and this led to falling behind my planned schedule (I planned to be with them at 11:30) On my way, I could feel the excitement on the streets. Moreso, I could smell 2018 had good vibes as everyone was in high spirits.

My first thoughts leaving my apartment was the streets might be a bit empty with only young people coming out to see the fireworks. I thought WRONG! All modes of transportation were full and active as everyone in Stockholm was headed to some destination in which they would be able to observe the fireworks. This even made it easy to know where to go to because for once, “following the crowd” led to the right direction.

As I mentioned earlier, I was running late but guess who still was able to see the fireworks just in time! (ME!!!) Getting to Vasterbron and looking out to the sea towards Gamla Stan and the skies saying “Happy New Year” with people clustered with friends and families and many hugs and good cheer to get you all riled up with excitement to face the new year is what the Swedes look forward to. To give you a glimpse of all that I have been describing, thanks to Lian Yi, I was able to get good pictures and videos:)

Photo credit: Lian Yi
Photo credit: Lian YI
Photo credit: Lian Yi
Photo credit: Lian YI

I am excited for what 2018 would bring my way and at the same time, you should! Thanks to KTH for adding extra layers of colour to my 2017. The amazing people I have met in Sweden so far plus all the memories I would treasure. Remember the group I mentioned at the beginning of the post? There was something we did together after the fireworks that I liked personally. We shared the things we were thankful for in the previous year and then we all mentioned things we look forward to accomplishing in 2018.

This leads me to this:

  • For prospective students, it is a few days to the application deadline as we all look back at 2017, ensuring you finish your application before the deadline should be on the top of your list of 2018 accomplishments
  • For other students and everyone reading this blog, making sure you live your best life and saying no to procrastination in the new year would ensure you achieve all set goals to have a fulfilled 2018.

To this end, I look forward to having my best year yet and sharing my experiences with you.