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A Lunch Lecture with Scania

Does one even need an introduction to Scania? A world-leading provider of transport solutions, Scania, a giant in its field, is a dream company for any engineering student. Today, Scania conducted a lunch lecture at the KTH main library. Also, Scania being one of the main sponsors of our Formula Student team, the lunch lecture was definitely something that I couldn’t miss. This particular lecture was a very unique one for the reason that, the two presenters from Scania are actually KTH alumni. Rightly named, “From KTH to Scania“, the seminar highlighted the transition from student life to a work life at Scania. The seminar also provided us with information brochures about various student programmes and Job opportunities at Scania.

The seminar began with Olivia Löwhagen, a Project Engineer in the group Advanced Industrial Engineering Transmission Assembly , and of course, a KTH alumus, sharing with us her journey from KTH to Scania. During her student period, she did her internship at Scania and also was part of the Global Trainee program at Scania. It was quite interesting when she spoke about how much fun she has at her work place, apart from her everyday work routine. Definitely, all work and no play makes it very boring, a healthy balance of fun and seriousness at work will make work life very enjoyable indeed.

Patrik Johannesson, who is a student relations manager at Scania, took us on a quick walk along with him through his journey to Scania. From studying mechanical engineering at KTH to becoming the process engineer, team leader, lean coordinator and now to a talent relations manager, he sure is having an amazing journey. It is also quite interesting to know how much flexibility Scania has given them to move horizontally across the company and the opportunity to experience different work groups within Scania.

Patrik also spoke about the various student programmes that are currently open for applications at Scania. He also mentioned about graduate programmes that students in the final year of studies can apply to. You can find all career related information at this link here. Also, you can email them regarding any queries at

Alexander Magnusson, a Formula Student team member, who has been part of the team for several years now, was also a presenter in the lecture. Alex has a long affiliation with Scania. He shared with us his experiences from his multiple summer jobs and also from being in the Scania Student Intro Programme. It was quite fascinating to me when he pointed out the fact that at Scania, he was working with similar tools as that we use in the Formula Student team. A leisure time student project as Formula Student can take one a long way. Not only that it is interesting and fun to build a race car, but its a huge learning experience and a great addition to one’s CV. Also, our industry sponsors are always our good contacts who can help us in the journey.

Few upcoming deadlines:

Summer Job at Södertälje4 Jan – 22 Feb 2018

Summer Job at Oskarshamn: 4 Jan – 4 Mar 2018

Summer Job at Luleå: 4 Jan – 6 Mar 2018

Summer Technology Program at Oskarshamn: 4 Jan – 4 Mar 2018

Scania Engineer Program: 31 Jan – 22 Feb 2018

Studying at KTH gives one an array of opportunities, not just to learn and grow but also to finally land in that dream job. I do have mentioned about career fairs like Armada before, that gives the students an opportunity to interact with people from the industry. Apart from career fairs, there are also various other events like these lunch lectures that are held throughout the year, where people from different companies come over to the campus and give us a talk about their company, about different opportunities for students. These events are such an amazing forum to interact with the industry people, a great insight into what the company does, and also a  forum to get all your questions answered. And yeah, as the name says, they also provide you free lunch. With students living on such crunched up budget, a free lunch and great knowledge during your lunch hour is something to surely sign up for.

So, don’t forget to attend the career seminars and lunch seminars, you get a wealth of information and a load of motivation from these. For more information, you can check out the ARC calendar here. Also, look into the Career support page of KTH and follow their calendar as well.

See ya!

~ Sindhu