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Coldest day yet!

Hey guys,

Today would not be complete if I do not share my early morning experience with you! I woke up to an early start this morning as we are back to the phase of chasing deadlines 🙂 Trying to pick a jacket to wear, I looked at the weather app and I was astonished!

-14!! This year in Stockholm, the lowest I have experienced is -12 and with the memory of that day in mind, I felt staying at home might be the better choice. However, knowing that I have the right set of clothes and I won’t be outdoors for too long, I went out regardless!

Here comes the surprising part:

I was dressed the same way I would if it was -3 or some higher temperature but I did not feel any bit colder! In fact, -14 would not have been registered in my head as -14 if I did not check the weather app! In the excitement of my gradual adaptation to the Stockholm weather, I did not cover my hair. The African hair being a lot different and not adapted to the negatives, felt frozen after a 10-minute walk!

So, to all thinking, the Swedish weather is a huge issue. I have two things to say:

you can embrace it fully till your skin starts getting used to it

it’s all about the right clothes!

I am hoping I get to this stage one day:)