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Happy Earth Day

No, peeps. It is not today, it was yesterday! Earth day is celebrated on April 22; nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and also acknowledge the environmental pollution and take care of your planet everyday, not only on a specific day.

Our friends from have a super interesting quiz section where you can see for yourself how much do you know about environmental issues such as climate change, clean energy, deforestation, etc. I tell you that it is interesting, because me and some friends were actually playing to answer the different quizzes … while having some fika (coffee and pastries). Want to see how much you know about this? CLICK HERE! 😀

But why is this day important? Why everyone should be concern about how we are polluting our home… well, here’s a glance of the latest environmental news…

  • A 6-ton sperm whale appeared on the shores of southern Spain with 30 kg of plastic in its stomach.
  • The last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died in March at the age of 45
  • Heat wave in the Arctic. In the middle of winter. For the third year in a row :O

So yeah, it’s not like we are doomed (at least is what I decided to believe), but we must not continue having the same level of negative impact as the one we are currently having! Plastic bags, plastic straws, unsustainable consumption, etc. are some of the problems that we should be focusing on reducing! Be positive and be the best sustainable version of yourselves! Happy late Earth day! <3

What’s warm as the Sun and spicy as a jalapeño? My home country México. My name is Fernando and I came to Sweden to study the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH. Come, join me to learn and understand the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle, and where else to do this than in Sweden?