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Camping in Stockholm

I finally went camping in one of the best places to camp in Stockholm! Uh-uh… I know I literally just rubbed my personal opinion right into your face but keep reading and I dare say you’ll agree with me 😊

This has to be the warmest summer Stockholm has experienced. Sweden is known for being cold all year round! Guess what? This is not our story anymore. It is sooooo warm that it is borderline hot these days. I have started drinking iced water! (a habit I stopped the first day I moved here). The temperature rises to 30 degrees in the afternoon and the weather is more humid with very low wind speeds.

You know what this translates to? Perfect camping time!

Some of my friends were planning to go hiking, then camp in Stockholm’s Archipelago and come back the next day. However, I planned to hike only. This is because it’s getting to close to a project deadline at work and I want to finish even before the deadline. Little did I know that the view and my friends had a different plan for me!

Thanks to Jessica for having the perfect camp location in mind – right by the Baltic sea; facing two islands. After setting up our tents, some people went to swim, some were just talking and eating(lol). Then, past midnight, we were all sitting on the rocks (one step away from the sea), soaking in the view and singing songs.

When we decided to sleep, we moved into the tents. Although, some people chose to sleep outside the tents with their sleeping bags. I slept in a tent but using a sleeping bag was too hot for me (that’s how warm it was ). As I write this, I feel like going back because all I can imagine is the different sounds from water hitting the rocks, birds chirping, fast boats (once in a while) and so on…one of the best ways to enjoy the serenity of nature.

The next morning was equally beautiful- sitting by the rocks and saying to myself, “I’ll own a boat soon” (haha!) During breakfast, it started raining again (Yeah, it rained earlier before six in the morning). Who knew sitting under a pine tree can shield you from the rain as much as possible!

Enough of reading,  watch the video below but as the saying goes, “the best moments are not those captured on camera but rather those moments captured with the heart and soul”

Personally, I liked this location and if you would like to camp here. This is the direction:  Take the bus 433 or 434 from Slussen Bus terminal to Björkås. There’s a restaurant right at the stop and they had good pizza 😉 Also, there’s ICA  located at Djurö kyrka, which is one stop before Björkås. You can walk from ICA to Björkås also.

This was my first camping experience and I look forward to more! Who knows? I might just try this during winter!