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New Students- To Do List!

Hej Hej!

Today I am going to write about the things you must do in the initial month as a new student in Sweden. This is surely an important one if you here as a regular student. Exchange students may not necessarily need this information. But, nevertheless, you may find it useful to know.

I will keep the post crisp with more imformation on embedded links. Please click on every link you find! But, if you want me to elaborate on any topic leave a comment in this post.

THS Membership


THS is the student union of KTH. The membership with THS, Tekniska Högskolan Studentkår, is important for several reasons.

  1. To be able to register with SSSB – Very important
  2. To have access to the student union houses
  3. To be eligible for student discounts in a million places
  4. To have free access to student pubs

And, many more! Your student discount card is a gem of a card to have in that wallet. You can visit the reception at the THS Building and register yourself or you can also do it online once you get your student login credentials at KTH

SSSB Housing Account

COST : Free

SSSB is the Stockholm student housing agency. The housing here in Stockholm for students is regulated by SSSB. They have apartments ranging from shared corridor room to studio rooms. One gets an apartment based on the number of days he has been on the queue with SSSB. You start the queue once you register with SSSB. Your queue will be reset when you get a home with them.

SSSB account is very important. I cannot sufficiently emphasize how important it is. KTH accommodation is valid only for one year, after which you need to find your own apartment with SSSB based on you number of queue days. To register with SSSB you need to create an account with your email and details. But to keep the queue rolling after 90 days, you must have a valid THS registration!

I will write a detailed post about the secrets to get a home with SSSB later.

Skatterverket- ID Card


If you’re staying for longer than a year in Sweden and if you’re planning to have a part-time job, I would recommend you to register with the Swedish Tax Agency- Skatterverket!

It is important to get yourself registered with the Swedish population register. To do so you need to notify the Swedish Tax agency. Only then, you will be able to get yourself a Swedish ID card. Which is very important in the long run. It is very useful and easy with a Swedish ID card and personal number. Be it to have a loyalty account in the supermarket or opening a bank account. Everything becomes easy with ID card!

You basically need to visit their office with

  1. Passport
  2. Resident permit
  3. KTH offer letter

Once you register with them, you can pay your fees and get your photograph and fingerprints taken. Then you can collect the card at the same office when its ready.

Bank Account & Swish account

COST: Usually Free

A bank account is not something that is absolutely important in Sweden if you have a card from your country, but it makes transactions easier. Especially, if you are planning to find yourself a parttime job, you must have a Swedish bank account!

There are various options like Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, ICA banken etc.

There are several things to look at when choosing your bank.

Student package

I have my account with Nordea that charges 0 SEK for students for the regular package which is otherwise 36 SEK. It is free with SEB and Swedbank as well. Choose something which is near.

I chose Nordea because

  • Nordea is the banking service that KTH uses. It is easier with salary.
  • With Nordea, you can have the account number same as your Personal number. Makes life easy.


Make sure you will have the following services along with a personal account.

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Debit card

Swish is a mobile-based money transfer app which makes life so much easier. You need a Swedish bank account to be able to use Swish. It is so easy to get started, usually you bank assistant will help you.

  1. Download app
  2. Link Bank account
  3. Start using Swish

Home Insurance

COST – 80-150 SEK/ Month

Now, this is something very important that everybody ignores. It is very important to have a home insurance in Sweden. Especially in Stockholm. Insurance is important!

If by an unfortunate chance, there occurs a fire accident or water leakage or anything that could damage the apartment you’re living in, then you might have to pay FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND SEK! Basically, an extremely huge amount.

The likelihood of such an accident is very rare but let’s be safe than sorry. I know my friend’s friend who had to endure such a pain. The person had to take out a loan from his home country to pay the sum. It is not something we want. 80 SEK per month is just a one time wrap cost if you think about it.

Whether it is a 18m2 corridor room or a bigger studio apartment. Just take a home insurance. The amount you pay depends on the size of your apartment. Usually, the bank you’re creating the account with will have a tie-up with a home insurance company that can offer the service at a discounted price. Otherwise too, you can google to find out a good insurance company.

I have mine with IF. I pay around 80 SEK every month.

I hope this post was useful to you.

See ya!

Sindhu <3

2 thoughts on “New Students- To Do List!”

  1. Hey Sindhu!
    What are the advantages of having a Swedish ID card? Is it not sufficient to have a personal number and a THS membership card?

    If we do require a Swedish ID card, then, kindly give an example where we need to have a Swedish ID and where having a personal number and a THS membership wont work.


    1. Hi, Sometimes it is required that you have an ID card with your picture on it. Yes, of course, your resident permit should still do the job for photo ID. But, even if you have a Personal number, you might have to show your personal number on your ID card just to confirm that it is indeed your personal number and not someone else’s that you’re using. THS membership card only confirms your student identity linked to your personal number. At the end of the day, a photo ID with your personal number linked can only be your ID card.

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