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Let There Be Light- St. Lucia’s Day

It is 6:30 am, the darkness is still around, not to go, while I struggle my way out of my bed, forcing myself to shut my sleep off and bounce my way to the KTH Library for the Lucia procession. I should witness the real thing least this time, can’t really miss it when I love Sweden so much. 

Running through my way to the metro station, to make it to the Library by 7 am, I was greeted by a bunch of random people at the T-bana, candles lit up the boring metro entrance and the aroma of Kaffe and Lussekatter made sure I stopped. Swedes are really kind to serve breakfast at 7 am! Home baked Lussebullar, that’s probably the softest and the fluffiest thing I have ever had! Bright smiles and food from random people made me feel so warm on the cold and dark morning. My day couldn’t have begun lovelier than this! 

It’s almost 7 am and the Library’s lobby is filled with at least 200 people, no idea how this place could fit in so many. Hot Swedish Kaffe, Lussebullar,  and the very mandatory Glögg were being served to everybody! I am having my second breakfast! The crowd gets filled up so quickly and we are waiting for the Library’s main hall to be opened; the sleepy soul inside of me is beginning to wake up. This is kinda very early for me, not to the Swedes; they wake up pretty early actually.  Some things take time to learn, especially when the days are so dark, I am only glad I made it to this place on time.

Being early is nice, particularly because I managed to find probably one of the best places to sit, right in the front! I haven’t seen the library so crowded before. Quickly the light goes off, the crowd goes silent, and from the back, the Lucia walks in, in her white gown and red sash, with a wreath of candles on her head, holding another candle and bringing her handmaidens along, bringing light, music and warmth. 

They walk in closer to the front, singing the very typical “Sankta Lucia” song. I made sure to listen to it a couple of times yesterday, and now I could lip sync and enjoy it even more. What a beautiful song! What a beautiful sight! This is an experience to never miss! I love where am sitting…

It is in times like these I feel very emotional, flooded by gratefulness for being in this place, to be able to experience such a beautiful culture, to be able to have the opportunity to study at KTH, the opportunity to do what I love; I am grateful. Life is beautiful, calm, warm and melodious. St. Lucia definitely brings in warmth and hope on this cold December morning.

Last year I baked Lussebullar on st. Lucia’s day. I am not sure if I am doing that again today. I haven’t made that decision yet. Too many Lussebullar this morning, might perhaps have a glass of glögg. Do check out my Lucia post from last year here 🙂

I wish you all a lot of warmth and love on this lovely day.

2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light- St. Lucia’s Day”

  1. Thank you for your sweet words! We really enjoyed singing for you at KTHB today! We agree about the magic in this tradition and we are extra proud to be able to present the Lucia songs to so many students and professors from all over the world!
    We would also like to welcome you all to our other concerts, the next one coming up will be a Christmas concert with Vivaldis Gloria in Edsbergskyrkan, Sollentuna on this very sunday 16th of december at 15.00!
    Welcome and Merry Christmas!
    /Signe Carlsson Roos
    Stockholms Motettkör KFUM

    1. Thank you for the comment and the invite, Signe. You guys are amazing! I am definitely going to be there at the Christmas concert. <3

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