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The Ski Week

Why stay in cold and humid Stockholm when you can be in colder and snowier Åre? As a student in Sweden you are entitle to enjoy one of the best events in the Nordics, Ski week! I had the opportunity to assist to this amazing experience with a couple of friends where we enjoyed “riding” the slopes. In my case, it was a funny adventure because as you may know, I’m from Mexico City and well, snow doesn’t exist there (even though we DO have ski resorts up North in Mexico, believe it or not haha).

Benji, Saphira, and me pretending to be pros.

Åre is a top Scandinavian ski resort that is a”must” place to go for the alpine events; for example, it has been “the” place since the first time Sweden started bidding for the Olympic Winter Games in 84′. Since then, Åre has been chosen for the OWG for 88′, 92′, 94′, 98′, 02′, and 22′. Nowadays, this northern region is bidding together with Stockholm for the 2026 OWG. But the real question is, what to expect from this experience if you decide to join the famous Ski Week? Well, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beginners, intermediates, and pros of winter sports that are enjoying an amazing week at this resort. You’ll be struggling to decide which slope you want to take as it has quite a few to enjoy; nonetheless, it is not the Swiss Alps! Haha. You’ll be enjoying the après skiing events and you’ll be partying at night with other students from all around Sweden. By the morning, you’ll be enjoying the cold breeze on your snowboard or skis or you’ll be falling every 5 secs like me lol!

No description needed haha

Did you think you’ll finish this post without your environmental fact of the week? No! Haha. As you may know, global warming is a threat to all cold areas in Earth as temperature rises and ice sheets melt in the poles; well, winter sports in Central and North Europe will be impacted too! Our -current- economic model is based in growth, right? That means that we need to produce, consume and to spend more money. Now if we add 2 + 2, we can think about the economic impacts this type of attractions will have in terms of decreased weeks for winter seasons. In other words, less snow during winter periods equals less amount of time spent in the resorts; hence, less money being poured to these activities. Furthermore, let’s not even think about the environmental impacts embedded in climate change like sea level rising, or extreme weather conditions. So, we want to keep enjoying winter sports, then let’s lower our environmental footprint!

Sunset in Åre

Furthermore, according to the study of Moen et al ( 2007), “the shortened skiing seasons at the end of the century will entail significantly reduced earnings for the Swedish skiing industry […] the loss by the end of the century would amount to between SEK 0.9 billion and SEK 1.8 billion annually, which is more that today’s combined turnover within alpine skiing tourism in Sweden.” For those who are too lazy, SEK 1 billion is around USD 112 million… yup, that’s a lot of money that could be lost from climate change. So if you want to take a cool pic like the following one, less keep our consumption to the minimum and less educate ourselves in how to reduce our impacts! (Btw, the pic was taken before falling down haha)

Would you like to go to the ski week? Have you already been there? Leave your comments!

What’s warm as the Sun and spicy as a jalapeño? My home country México. My name is Fernando and I came to Sweden to study the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH. Come, join me to learn and understand the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle, and where else to do this than in Sweden?

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