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The 101 survival course

Hey, peeps! So you are planning to begin a new journey at KTH in Stockholm? Well, maybe you would like to read this post about the “MUST have” apps before your arriving to this beautiful country! As a student (or even as a visitor), there are some key apps that will make your life easier once you are here; so much easier, that you will never have to take out money from an ATM or even get food with a 50 % discount… so, shall we start?

  • SL – Stockholm is almost a cash-free city that will give you a Chloe face once you try to pay your buss or train ticket with cash. Cash is so 2000-and-late. Download this app to buy public transportation tickets!
  • Mecenat – So you are a new student in Sweden! Congrats! If you hate as much as me having 1,828,302,831 id-cards in your wallet, download this app to show that you are a student. It is really helpful to get discounts and to show that you truly deserved that discount rate buss ticket that you just bought! No police officer will dare to fine you haha.
  • BankID, Swish, and your bank’s private app – The dark triad. So these apps only apply if you are living here and have a personalnummer. BankID is the electronic token that will give you access to every other app, Swish will be connected to your bank account and will let you do in-time transactions via someone else’s telephone number, and well, your bank’s app that you’ll get access to through BankID.
Lil Chloe looking at you if you don’t have the dark triad.
  • Messenger , Snapchat, Instagram – I don’t know where you are from, but in Mexico (as far as I remember) we use WhatsApp as our main app to instant messaging… *Fernando you are in Sweden* … yeah, well, Swedish people looove messenger, snapchat, and even instagram above WhatsApp. Need to do a project work with the Swedes? Not via WhatsApp for sure. Why? Well, I conducted an interview among my Swedish friends to understand how critic they were to make this important decision and I got the following answers:
    • “Snapchat is free. No one wants to pay for WhatsApp, Nando!”
    • “I already have FB and it has already a platform to communicate through instant messaging. Why would I download another app? This is not Mejjjico, Fernando! “
    • And my favourite one… *see image below*… btw it was a “why” not a “what” 🙂
Such a deep answer.
  • Karma – (Here comes the sustainability comment from the blog!) This app is AMAZING! In one hand, people complain about how expensive food is in Sweden. In the other hand, 1/3 of the food that we produce is not being consumed as it ends in the trash. Why not sell that 1/3 at half of the price during the day so people can actually buy good and affordable food while decreasing the waste produced? Download this app to find half-priced restaurant/supermarket/bakery/etc food in Sweden!
  • Canvas Student – KTH student? Download this app to check your schedule, courses, exams, etc. It is a MUST for your future studies at KTH! 😀

Have you heard of any other app? Don’t forget to comment!

What’s warm as the Sun and spicy as a jalapeño? My home country México. My name is Fernando and I came to Sweden to study the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH. Come, join me to learn and understand the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle, and where else to do this than in Sweden?