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Exam week at KTH

The following sequence of events took place during every semester in the undergraduate days. At the beginning of the semester, so six months to prepare, five subjects to handle. So the plan is to study one subject per month and one more month would be left for revision.

Jump to a week before examinations, when all I have done is procrastinating through the semester and now I have no option but to start studying. So I calculate, One week remaining and still 5 subjects to cover, so I can complete one subject per day and still have two more days for revision. I affirm myself that from the next semester I will study promptly.

Procrastination was a regular story. And if you thought that 3 years of corporate work experience and moving to Sweden would change it, it won’t. The same story continuous at KTH!


Each semester is split up into two study period spanning two months each and in each study period, we have maximum three subjects. All of my exams consists of practical questions, testing our application of learning from the classes and doesn’t need theoretical memorizing of the subject. This really eases life while studying and makes it less stressful.

This is my current schedule during Examination Week:
7:00: Wake up
7:30 to 8:30: Running and exercising on the Lappis beach 
8:30-9:30: Breakfast and conversations with corridor mates
9:30-10:30: Sit down to study by scroll through facebook and Instagram
10:30-14:00: Panic mode on and starts studying
14:00-15:00: Lunch
15:00-16:00: Nap time
16:00-19:00: Group studies
19:00-21:00: Bing watch TV series with dinner
21:00-23:00: Back to studies

Working through the final week might be challenging, but with few tips in mind would make it easy. These are quite a few which I am following:

  • The first thing is getting enough sleep! It makes me work more efficiently. 
  • Solving previous year papers. This gives an idea about how to study.
  • Setting goals and timelines and keeping a track of the remaining syllabus.
  • Working in groups. 
  • And finally exercising and relaxing. Talking to a friend if you feel overwhelmed. 

Finally, wishing everyone a great week of studying and good luck for the examinations. 

Hej, I am from India currently pursuing Integrated Product Design at KTH. Moving to Stockholm has given me an opportunity to explore the new city like a local yet maintain the awe of a traveler. The vibrant KTH campus and its activities are itself a treat to a creative and aspiring mind. Join me on this journey of stories as we meet amazing people, exploring the innovation and sustainability pursuits happening throughout the KTH campus and the historical treasures of the city and the ways of employing jugaad to survive on a budget in one of the most expensive cities.