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Diwali @ KTH – A night of desserts

“You seem to have festivals every week in your country!”.
This is the sentence I hear so often from my peers at KTH. For which I proudly reply, “Yes, we do”. Festivals bring us together as a community and a sense of belonging. And this feeling of socialization is especially necessary when you are outside alone in another country.

What other festival is better than Diwali to reunite people to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The metamorphic disappearance of the darkness of mind and letting light enter. This was my first Diwali outside home and I did feel the difference. I missed the sound of firecrackers bursting in the neighbourhood, the constant persuasion from mom to take bath on a holiday, the celebratory feeling of a festival.

However, all wasn’t lost and truth be told it was better in at least a few aspects. Living among friends (read saviours) makes time during the festival more fun. The best thing was the different variety of food each one prepares. We celebrated it no less than how it is celebrated back home. We lit little lamps, made a lot of desserts, dressed into traditional outfits (not me!), just to get that feeling of home away from home.
Here are a few pictures from the celebration.

Celebration mode on!

Wishing a Happy Deepawali to everyone celebrating it away from home.

Hej, I am from India currently pursuing Integrated Product Design at KTH. Moving to Stockholm has given me an opportunity to explore the new city like a local yet maintain the awe of a traveler. The vibrant KTH campus and its activities are itself a treat to a creative and aspiring mind. Join me on this journey of stories as we meet amazing people, exploring the innovation and sustainability pursuits happening throughout the KTH campus and the historical treasures of the city and the ways of employing jugaad to survive on a budget in one of the most expensive cities.