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Spooky Haloween night

“Destroy the monsters inside you by becoming the monster”. This is what I had heard about Halloween. This was my first Halloween ever. Even though it is not celebrated with much vigour in Sweden, the festival does attract a lot of crowds. Swedes celebrate “Allhelgonahelgen” – All Saints Day, the morning after Halloween.  
Kungstragarden hosted Scandinavia’s biggest Halloween parade. The excitement attracted us to the huge park. The stage was set up for a dog show and customer competition for people. I found a talented face paint artist who transformed my face into the Joker from DC universe (my personal favourite superhero). It was one of those days I was completely comfortable being who I was. The parade started from Kungstragarden all the way through Gamlastan and culminated again at the garden. It felt more like being in a Comic-Con event than a Haloween. 
We then went to Skogskyrkogården, a cemetery in central Stockholm to observe Saint’s day. People keep lighted candles on the grave of their loved ones in their remembrance. The sight of the lights glowing in the huge graveyard takes you on a philosophical journey of mortality. Here is a photoblog of the entire event. 

Celebrating our first Haloween
Haloween Night. Picture credit: Rajat Alva
There was a costume competition too.
Spooky costumes at the parade
The crowd. Picture credit: Rajat Alva
Observing the All Saint’s Day at Skogskyrkogården. Picture credit: Rajat Alva

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