What to do in Stockholm during the Holidays

Now that classes are over for the autumn term, it’s time to have some fun! Yes, there are exams in January, but they are still in quite a while so let’s not think about that for now.

Many people leave the city to go back home, or to travel around Europe for a couple weeks. If you do not celebrate winter holidays, the days off are a great opportunity to pack your bags and go! There are many great places to see that are close: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Holland, etc. The plus side is many youth hostels are empty and fairly priced at this time of year, so you don’t need to plan so much in advance (except for the 31st!).

Gamla Stan in Christmas time is dreamy! PC: getyourguide.fr

If you want to stay in the city and take that opportunity to explore, there are many things to do too! Gamla Stan has a very cute Christmas market happening every day, as well as Skansen, which has a bigger one in a more ~natural~ setting, but only opened in the weekends. Personally, I am taking this opportunity to explore the city, since I haven’t been around much since the term has started. I love walking around Södermalm in the cobblestone streets or in Östermalm looking at the Christmas decorations in the streets

Christmas decorations everywhere! PC: thelocal.se

If you are a foodie, Stockholm is a great place to be during the Holidays. Many restaurants and buffets have Christmas menus for you to experience traditional Swedish food or just to eat something a little special. You can also stuff yourself in safranbulle and pepparkaka (traditional cinammom cookies) and drink all the glögg!

Pepparkakor are usually eaten with blue cheese, a surprising but delicious combination! PC: receptfavoriter.se

Swedish culture has a lot to offer during Christmas time, so it’s good to enjoy it while it lasts and forget about the darkness for a little bit 🙂

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