I caved in and made all these Instagram quarantine recipes

I know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I did not have time to cook all these fancy things that were trending over social media, but at one point I got bored (and also curious) and decided to try them. Most of them are relatively easy if you are an occasional baker, so they’re great to impress your friends (or eat by yourself hehe).

First up: homemade bröd

My first attempt

Something to know about me: I love bread. I think it’s one of the most amazing food there is, and nothing will ever top it. I’ve been wanting to try and make sourdough for a long time, but after a disastrous attempt at making a starter (sorry again mom), I stayed away from it. This time, I told myself I was going to start with an easier recipe using instant yeast instead (which I found in the 5th store I went to, testifying of the bread-craze)

The result was indeed Instagram worthy, and tasty. I prepared the dough before going to bed, let it rise overnight and baked it in the morning, to have warm and soft bread for breakfast. The dream, I know. Now I just keep making it every week and it’s delicious, so much cheaper than store-bought bread and also a fun thing to do!

Then came banana bread

The photo doesn’t render the tastiness of this banana bread

In the same baking spirit, I saw everyone making banana bread. This I must say was not anything special for me since I am used to using up my old and brown bananas for cake, but I dived head first in the trend. It’s a little more complicated recipe than bread, but still simple and not requiring any specific cooking tools. I added shredded coconut, chocolate chips and walnuts to the mix to make it extra-delicious. Served with a little whipped cream and jam (courtesy of my friend John, to whom I promised a shoutout), it was the perfect way to end dinner!

The cherry on top: Dalgona Coffee

I didn’t take a picture of my coffee (so did I really make it!?), so here’s one I found online. PC: www.simplemost.com

At first I was annoyed with the Dalgona-craze, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it. The concept of this drink is to use equal part of sugar, instant coffee and sugar, and whisk it until it becomes this foamy, cloudy mixture. You then pour it over cold milk and drink it immediately. The disadvantage of it is you need an electric mixer, else you will spend hours trying to achieve the texture. Besides that, it’s pretty simple to make and the result is actually nice! It ends up being this coffee milkshake thing (which could also be achieved other ways), and makes this really pretty presentation. It’s not something I would drink every day but it’s something different to do for brunch, for example.

I really like trying new recipes, and adapting more advanced ones to my level and the tools I have. It’s not about having the best looking dish, but mostly about learning what works and getting a result that will make your tastebuds happy. So until I get an overdose of flour and sugar, I’ll probably keep making those Instagram recipes and also trying other things along the way.

Happy baking!

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