Swimming all around Stockholm

There are many things I love about Stockholm, and one being in the top of my list is certainly the access to water virtually everywhere I go. Stockholm is an archipelago made up of 14 islands (!!!) so it’s pretty easy to find a place where to go swimming.

The water is sea water, but as it is somewhat inland, it is half-salty half-fresh water. You can swim pretty much everywhere (unless prohibited), may it be a small lake in a forest or in a public beach closer to city central.

PC: stockholmswimmingclub.se

I started going on weekly quick swims in April, which is a great way to feel alive in the cold spring! As soon as the sun came out and the days got warmer, more people started gathering by the water to have picnics and barbecues and go for an invigorating swim.

PC: theguardian.com

There are few swimming spots close to most students accommodations where you can go now if you are not afraid of the cold, or later in summer once the water gets warmer. As the days are long, it’s a great way to take advantage of the nice weather and get immersed in the Swedish experience!

Some places where you can swim are identified with stars. They are pretty close to school and have nice views!

As the term is coming to an end and summer starts to set in, you will certainly find me swimming at one of my favorite spots!

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