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Exploring the countryside in Skåne

Scania is the southern-most county in Sweden and is recognized for its nice coastal villages, deeply rooted traditions and yellow fields extending all the way to the horizon.

As I am staying on a farm for the month, I figured it might be fun to explore the surroundings. Since there are not many lakes and rivers in the region, my friends and I set out on a hike towards a lake in order to have a swim.

PC: Nikita Patil

It was a 15 km hike and I must say it was not the most exciting walk. The fields of wheat, barley and rapeseed seemed to be repeating themselves over and over and besides the few stops we made to pick berries and pet horses, nothing really exciting happened. Overall, it was still a sunny day, and the wind blowing through the fields with the backdrop of wind turbines was a lovely sight.

We stayed by the lake for the night, having dinner by the water and looking at the sun going down, and fell asleep to the sound of the water crashing on the shore.

The next day, we set out towards Hörby, one of the biggest cities in the area, but were disappointed to find the main square empty of any form of life. We still had a good coffee at the cutest shop and walked the remaining kilometers back to our farm.

PC: Nikita Patil

I wouldn’t really recommend walking around Skåne, even if the Skåneleden, a trail that stretches for 1000 km around the county, is very well marketed. Renting a car might be a better idea which would allow to cover more distance and see more of what Skåne has to offer!