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Living the dream on a farm in Skåne

For the month of July, I am spending my time volunteering at a farm in the south of Sweden, in Skåne county. I found a farm through the website, where people can sign up for a yearly fee and connect with farmers from around the world who need some help.

The concept is based on an exchange of services: volunteers give five hours of work for five days a week in exchange for accommodation and food. It’s a great way to connect with locals and learn about sustainable farming.

The place I found is a small-scale organic farm held by a cute family. It has a few horses and a cat and dog. Most of the work consists of picking out berries and veggies, planting seeds and cleaning up the stable.

It’s really a fun experience to be outside all day and do something different than school and work while still learning a lot! During the off-days it is possible to go explore the region, so overall it’s a really good deal! More on this in the coming posts 🙂