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Packing for Sweden-What to bring

Now that the start of the term is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your bags. Vivek has already told you what NOT to pack, so here I will help you out on what you need to bring.

I suggest you spend one or two weeks normally at home and write down everything you are wearing/using. This will help you narrow down what you actually use on a daily basis, which are the essentials that you need to bring. There is no universal list of what to bring here, as it depends what you use/do. The following list is more of a general help to make sure you don’t forget anything absolutely necessary.

  • Passport/ID/Residence permit: You will need them to travel and for many different instances here.
  • Copies of your acceptance letter/insurance/passport/ID/accommodation contract: You never know if your phone will stop working or if the migration agents will ask you for these documents (normally not). It’s always good to have a physical copy just in case.
  • Clothes you like for all seasons: Sweden has very changing weather. In the summer it’s warm and sunny so do bring summer clothes, but in winter it is rainy and cold so bring at least a couple article of clothing for that kind of weather. If you don’t anything for winter, buy it here in Sweden to save space in your luggage as Vivek recommends.
  • Toiletries: Bring your shampoo/soap/lotions, as well as your beauty products, especially if you have a brand that you love which is not international. You will of course find all of the essential products here but you might not be motivated to go shopping in the first few days here so it’s good to have the essentials with you.
  • Bedsheets, pillowcase and towel: You will be happy you have them on your first night. They don’t take too much space and you’ll be happy to shower and sleep comfortably after a long flight, especially if you arrive after stores are closed. For KTH accommodation, you should bring 90cm x 200cm sheets
  • At least one business/dressed outfit: You might end up looking for a job here, or attend a networking event, so it’s always a good thing to have a nicer set of clothing.
  • Plug adapter: You’ll need one and will be happy to have it when you arrive at your accommodation with an empty phone battery and computer. I suggest buying a smaller-type one specific for your country to Sweden (Europe standard), as the ones for all countries are bulky and don’t always fit all plugs.
  • Electronics: Do bring your computer/tablet/backup drive/cables: It is not worth buying new ones here.
  • School bag/supplies: I suggest bringing your basic school supplies here, as your backpack, pencil case and pencils, as well as scientific calculator if you have one.
  • Eye Wear: I would recommend carrying an extra pair of spectacles or lenses in case if you lose one of them.
  • Medications: I carried basic medications such as paracetamol and crocin so that I have access to it till I time I figured about the medical system in Sweden. However, there are pharmacies all over Stockholm where you can buy medicines.
  • Something that reminds you of home: I might have a small trinket, photos ornament that you like, is small enough to not take any significant space in your suitcase and will make you remember home. It can be hard moving half-way around the world alone and sometimes a small souvenir can

If you forget anything, do not worry, physical mail still exists and you can buy everything here. The critical aspect is to get here, so make sure you have all your documents necessary.

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