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Let the blogging begin!

Moin moin and hej everyone!

Today it’s time for me to introduce myself! I’m Maria and I’ll share my experiences and thoughts around Sweden, Stockholm and my studies at KTH in this blog along with Vivek.

Maybe someone already recognized it in the title, I’m from Germany (Moin moin is the way to say “hi” in northern Germany). My hometown is called Hameln, which is pretty small and no one really knows where to locate it. So for you to understand it a bit better, it’s near to Hannover (if that maybe rings a bell with some of you 😀 ) or 2 hours south of Hamburg.

I’ve been in Stockholm and at KTH for a year now and just started into my second year of the Media Management master program. Some might say “oh that’s quite a long time”, but to be honest, time just rushed by so quickly! I can still not believe that I’ll finish my studies next year already.

But until then, I’m looking forward to explore Stockholm and Sweden further and I’m happy to take you all with me on my daily journeys!

As my study program might already imply, every media related topic immediately awakes my interest. But of course that’s not everything. I love travelling and exploring new cultures. I’ve already lived one year in New Zealand, half a year in Birmingham, UK and now I’m here, in Stockholm. I think you can earn so much in getting to know people around the world! I’m always up for meeting friends, cooking dinner with them or going out for a coffee – good for me, that the Swedes have their own word for this (it’s always the right time for fika)!

I’m excited about the upcoming time!
// Maria